Low Self Esteem & The Black Woman: A Real Issue! – The LanceScurv Show

The issue low self esteem is not discussed as much as it should be in the Black Community.

Sometimes it’s better for our Sisters to hear from one of their own when it comes to relating and speaking on issues that appear to be a bit too sensitive to dialogue on publicly.

I truly appreciate the ability to move among my people to keep a finger on the pulse of what the community is truly speaking about and what the issues are from a grassroots perspective.

This has taught me first hand many real lessons that could never be absorbed through a book or from a professor lecturing these experiences in a classroom.

I’ve seen young girls of single digit ages grow up to become crack whores with HIV who shortly afterward died along with all of the dreams and aspirations that she once possessed.

I’ve seen young scholars get caught up in the wrong crowd and are now locked down with all of their brilliance put on hold for decades as well as the potential of genius diminished all because of a poor judgment call that snatched their lives away from them.

I’ve seen so much but it has become my mission to make sure that I bring what I see in the streets to you so that you can absorb first hand with me what I see from the comfort of your own home.

Sure, we all know what life is all about and what can happen to us good and bad…….but these little snippets of truth that I share will keep us grounded because we all can sometimes become detached from reality as we go on with our lives and we must know that we should never forget that we are needed no matter how comfortable we have it in our lives.

That being said, look for more of these while I maintain all of the other offerings in all things LanceScurv with just as much fire, passion and purpose!

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