Madamwhipass On Bill Cosby’s Accusers: “I Believe That They Were Down With The Quaaludes!”

The Bill Cosby speculation and circus rages on and The Great Madamwhipass returns in grand fashion to show the world that she is not one to bite her tongue!

The ebb and flow back and forth see saw effects of the Bill Cosby Sex Scandal has caused me to feel as though the worst case of seasickness is upon me, it appears that a week cannot go by without a new twist being added to this saga which causes the masses to change their perspectives on this situation.

Bill Cosby for the most part remains silent, more accusers are stepping forward with the same identical story while the statements in sealed court documents are released.

New York Magazine - Bill Cosby's 35 Accusers

Either Bill Cosby spent his entire life living a double life which is so diametrically opposed to the public persona of the morally upright “America’s Dad”, or this has got to be one of the most aggressive public smear campaigns and character assassinations even with the public accepting that he had sex with these women for the most part.

It’s a bizarre scenario indeed and in actuality it is one that absolutely no one could have imagined or even comprehended if it was suggested that this was a possibility years ago.

But whereever there is a beginning there must be an end and whatever happens in the dark will surely come out into the light, so with that being said there will come a day when we will know all of the facts and who is really behind this attack on a man who did no more wrong than the next thrill seeking celebrity in the underbelly of the Hollywood party scene.

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