Madamwhipass Takes You Into The Mind Of Predator Eddie Long! (Part 1 & 2)

With The Holy Bible in one hand, a Whip in the other and not afraid to use them both, the Illustrious Madamwhipass is with us here once again in rare form to shed an even deeper light on the phenomenon of the predatory behavior so boldly exemplified in the recent Bishop Eddie Long controversy.

While this video may be casual and laced with a joke here and there, it is important to look into the deeper message that Madamwhipass so desperately wants to share with the world to empower those who may be unaware or under the roof of someone who is in denial of the cunning machinations of that trusted monster who cares not for anything but to satisfy their own demonic lusts that are rooted deep from the fiery pits of hell itself!

Please don’t forget to watch part two of this very informative video when it is available and do forward it to your friends!

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