Mainstream Media And Gentrification: Secret Lovers In The Bedroom Of The Subconscious Black Mind!

What does restaurant food and mainstream media have in common? Well read on and allow me to show you…….

You wouldn’t trust just any stranger to cook you up a meal if you really didn’t know who they were and what they were all about now would you?

You don’t know if they are clean or even a good cook that could bring your body the nutrition that it needs in a swift fashion.

They might have the right intentions but they may not be aware that there are a few crawling multi-legged life forms that are dropping into the meal as it is being prepared while you wait patiently for something delicious.

Chef Cooking

Wouldn’t it be much better to prepare that meal for yourself knowing every ingredient put into it without any doubts whatsoever?

While anyone can get food poisoning from a meal in a restaurant as they can at home, I’m quite sure that whatever you prepare at home to eat will be made with the utmost care before your lips bless the final culinary offering.

To do anything else would be pure suicide!

But wait! Since we know how dangerous it is to consume nourishment from a strange untrusted source, why is it that we allow the total strangers of the propaganda laced so called mainstream media to shape how we think of the current events and the people in the world around us?

Like those roaches that happen to fall into an open pot of your favorite soup, there are all kinds of hidden subliminal messages placed into the television shows, news programs, movies and entertainment specials made especially to cause you to form a strong opinion on a person, place or thing that you’ve had little personal contact with if any at all!

Then after being inoculated with another man’s opinion and agenda we go out into the world to echo what we’re been sold on merely because we saw it on the television or computer. It’s a delicious looking meal that was meticulously prepared for the sole purpose of snatching your ability to think for yourself to make a proper assessment on the various situations transpiring in your world.

So it is imperative for us to “snatch back” our natural born right to a independent free thinking mind that serves no one else except yourself, your people and your community.

Ghetto Infographic

If you watch these news programs make sure to have your “mental filters” on that will enable you to absorb what is real and beneficial in their presentation as well as discarding the useless parts that do you no good in attempting to feed you their agenda.


Well if you don’t understand by now then let me use an example to help you to see how shrewd these media mind manipulators can be.

Take for example you have a Black community that is doing well with low levels of crime, not too close but great proximity to the downtown area and highways, near great parks and natural attractions and a general overall sense of being a really nice place to live.

Now these people who live in the community may not all be affluent or well to do, but they moved in over a period of time and caused the other races of people to move quickly who didn’t want to live near the “bad seed” called Black people. White Flight is the term used for such a phenomenon and it’s happening all over the country and has been ever since Blacks were freed from slavery.

White Tenants

But the bottom line is that an entire people made do with what another discarded and abandoned merely because their minds were poisoned about what they heard about Black people and how terrible they are. This was only possible because these people had limited or no contact to know the truth about the Black community and believed what they heard through gossip, newspapers and the coded language that’s placed into the media to get you to do the bidding of an influential manipulator.

Ghettos and ‘Hoods are beneficial to the ruling class because they supply cheap labor and a market for the underground economy that many who live on the rich side of town benefit from. They definitely keep the Judicial system very busy and well paid just as it keeps the law enforcement officers building a great retirement portfolio. Trust me on this as this is another topic that needs to be dissected more in depth.

What I am finding from the reports sent to me personally by the people who live in many places across America that this dynamic has always been true. No matter where you travel here you will see it if you’re not in denial.

Drug Dealers

Not many expected the recession of 2008 to arrive so abruptly and many households were thrown into a state of panic because the jobs were vaporizing and homes were plunging into foreclosure in record numbers. The excesses of a seemingly great economy and the indulges that now looked so foolish had to go, they could not be supported anymore and the budget for most was now just too tight if they even had one at all.

So many of the affluent and those in the upper middle class had to consider taking a step down in their lifestyle and possibly going back to the places where they once lived in order to bring back the balance in their lives even though it would be considered “living tight” by their former standards.

So what did I mean for most? It meant going back to a place that they ran from because of the migration of Blacks and taking a humble pill to live alongside those who they’ve deemed low lives, criminals, savages, beasts and do nothings receiving welfare benefits and making babies like it’s going out of style.

And when these cash strapped folks with a quickly diminishing bank account really thought about it, the areas that they left that Blacks are now thoroughly enjoying were really not as bad as they thought.

Black Suburbs

The parks, the beautiful middle class homes, the shopping areas that can be reached in a short walk and the overall quality of life were not lost as they thought it would be and now there is a resentment building because the Blacks who moved in where they ran have made due with much less and are actually living BETTER than their White Flight predecessors!

So now the attacks begin, while drugs will always be there in EVERY community, there is more of a concentration being sent over to those Black communities by those who have the power to command local law enforcement to turn a blind eye to it so that it can fester into a destructive problem that will make it easier to get the Blacks who live there out of there.

Every time a street level drug bust is made the media seems to appear out of thin air to record and document this tragedy for the world to see and too flavor the opinions of the masses who’ve never been there.

News Cameras

Think about it, most have never been to Compton, California but what is the first thing that one thinks of when they’re asked about their opinion of the place? Gang-banging, drive by shootings, killing, drug activity and perpetual war zone! Why is it that we think this? It’s because the media has amplified our perceptions of this place on a negative level and while there are major challenges there the bottom line is that many have lived there for decades without a problem and there are countless peaceful hard working people who live there literally untouched by any negativity.

But the media has the power to color your feelings and you don’t even realize to what extent and how deeply you have been affected by its subliminal power.

So now we have an entire people dying to move back into their old neighborhood because of a severe recession yet the roadblock of living in a Black community remains. The media is smearing the neighborhood daily on its New Programs and the drugs are allowed in by the police at the order of the politicians who want to eventually create a New Utopia and Safe Haven for the returning population of people who previously left because of White Flight.

The area MUST be viewed as a war zone even though there are working class citizens there who are law abiding and are not cooperating with making their neighborhood look like the ‘hood that the media is trying so hard to make it appear.

More must transpire to get the Blacks out as the plan is not working fast enough!

Crime Scene

A child has been killed unfortunately in the crossfire of a “drug war” that might have been two wayward teenagers that had an argument over who was really dating a particular girlfriend. But as always, the local news will appear to make it seem as though there are rival gang factions that are armed to the teeth with high powered assault rifles, hand grenades and are ruthless enough to be the cold hard killers that they are to not care about killing a young child in their crossfire.

While I would never condone ANY gun play for anyone unless you were defending your life, understand that such a tragedy is amplified for the long term purpose of scaring the Blacks OUT of their relatively safe and sound neighborhood because down the road the others want to move back in without the discomfort of having to live alongside the “savages!”

Once the Black neighborhood has been torn down by false innuendo, plunging property values and an image that would put fear in the most well trained military special ops officer, here comes the affluent developer who promises to build a high class “safe” (<–code word for no Blacks) environment from which one can live comfortably and raise their families in a quality manner.

Property Developers

But the remaining Blacks are still there and the best way to get them out is to begin to build the new vision right under their feet and raise the taxes so high that it puts THEM into a position of being stressed on a limited income. Their sons and daughters are locked away from the drug war days so there isn’t anyone responsible in their family to inherit their mortgage free property, and if their children were free they can’t get any well paying jobs because they are like tagged pigeons because of their felony record.

So there you have it, a common slice of life and how the media helps to influence ones mind to complete the wishes of those in power. It’s a very powerful medium but we as Black people have got to stop believing the manner in which they prepare their destructive meals for our minds because at the end of the day it will have us thinking in a sick manner toward each other.

Yesterday it was smallpox in the blankets, today it’s a poisoned thought place in your mind through a fair seeming media outlet!

Anderson Cooper 2

We have the internet and we have each other, make it a point to reach out to those who live in the various places around the globe and confirm what it is that is being pumped into your subconscious mind so you can receive a full understanding of what is going on. Never depend on your oppressor to shape your thoughts and cause you to hate someone else without ever having known them. For if you do YOU will become just another pawn in the game in a war whose victor will NEVER be you!

Fight you OWN fight and make sure that anything that inspires TO fight is something that has your best interest at hand. Ever since we have been brought here to this country as a tool to work to build a Heavenly place for a satanic man, we have been pushed around, separated for manipulated for the purpose of another man’s advancement always before our own!

Weapons Of Mass Deception

Get your mind right and filter what it receives on a daily basis or your mission will surely be compromised!

Thank you for your time and do know that I will never stop my mission nor will it be compromised until the day my omnipotent all seeing all powerful Creator calls me home. God bless you ALL!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother With The Perpetual Relentless Battle Cry,



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