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CNN Anchorwoman Isha Sesay rocked the media boat by publicly proclaiming that the huge media focus on Ebola since it arrived to American shores while offering miniscule coverage when it was considered mainly an African concern has made her an “Angry Black Woman!”

What made me stand up and applaud her stand was that this is an issue that most would think about but would be afraid to speak on publicly.

“What I’m seeing in the United States is this lack of knowledge. And not just a lack of knowledge, but also a lack of empathy for what we are going through right now on the continent. So I’m in a really difficult space right now […] The coverage of Ebola to date – before we moved to the situation where we’re now where the focus is so much on America and the fear that the Western hemisphere is going to be taken over by Ebola – the coverage of the continent had fixated on the continent, and so little on the people.”

So this shows us that everyone in the media is not a talking head, I just hope that her words don’t cause her to have to deal with the wrath of anyone who may have the control over her career at CNN that has brought her into more living rooms to keep us informed on what is happening currently over the world.

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Isha Sesay

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