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The emasculation and effeminization of our young men is just as real in the year 2014 as the masculinization of our young women are.

Anyone who doesn’t see it manifesting more with each passing year has either stuck their head in the sand or is severely blind.

Overall our young men are slowing but surely morphing into girls with a docile demeanor that makes one wonder if they’ve ever had any dealings with that thing called testosterone at all.

But not for a growing amount of our young women, they seem to have found that magic elixir that the boys couldn’t find that gives them a bull-like aggressiveness that make the guys seem like little girls.

What in the world is happening?

Man Girl - Boys

We can see a never ending supply of ratchet ‘hood videos showcasing our daughters fighting damn near to the death as though it were a Mixed Martial Arts steel cage match while the guys stand off safely to the side videotaping the decadence for future perusal while cheering “YoooouTube” or “WORLD STAAAARR!”

While we as mature adults can understand a relatively brief period of behavioral rebellion from our youth in those difficult and challenging years into adult transition, but never before have we witnessed such a role reversal which almost hints at the fact that our kids are resembling secret government classified covert hormone experiments!

The boys have D-cup titties and the girls have six packs!

The boys laze around getting absolutely nothing accomplished sporting huge guts as though they’re in their third trimester of pregnancy and the girls move about the earth with the aggression of a predatory hunter in the wild who must capture and kill their next meal for their family before a swiftly approaching sundown.

The roles have surely been reversed and with the push these days for Gay Rights many people are afraid to speak on the effeminization of our young boys and the masculinization of our daughters because we don’t want to be labeled as a Gay bashing Homophobes.

But the fact of the matter is that while those are two entirely different situations altogether I’m willing to bet that many Gays and Lesbians will not push to speak out on that because many of these role reversed youth just might be Gay and they may not want to step on their toes.

But aside from that end of things, what has caused this mass cross wiring of the sexes in our communities right up under our noses and seemingly overnight?

Is it because of a hijacked youth culture where the celebrities play the pied piper role in their style of dress which challenges the traditional expectations of what a man and woman should wear?

Effeminate Black Man

Or is it really something chemical from the huge amount of hormones dumped into our food which sets off a chain reaction within the body to manifest in what we see as all too common?

Might it be the result of our unchecked spiritual disciplines gone wild as this has trickled down to our children as in the sins of the Father visiting the children?

Maybe it’s a combination of all three of these factors and maybe it could be something completely overlooked.

But nonetheless, things are definitely going too far and we need to pinpoint what it might be before these dysfunctions get the best of our community and reduce us into nothingness!

I believe that this is a conversation that’s long overdue!


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