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Manny Pacquiao (Manny Pac-nocchio) didn’t do his reputation or legacy any favors by claiming that he had a shoulder injury in his recent record breaking mega-fight against Floyd “Money” Mayweather this past May 2, 2015.

If Floyd Mayweather lost this boxing match and made the same claims, the press and casual fan infested public would have given him absolutely NO BREAKS at all!

This is because the masses of not so knowledgeable “fly by night” fans – who only come out for these very rare mainstream events – do not want to see Floyd Mayweather excel, so this was more about coming out to see him lose at the hands of someone who was perceived to have a shot at dethroning him.



It’s not that they loved Manny Pacquiao so much, it could have been anyone in the opposite corner against Floyd INCLUDING HITLER and they would have cheered them on with all of their hypocritical racist hearts!

America has really shown their asses in this one and it doesn’t make everyone racist who cheered for Pacquiao, I wouldn’t be so stupid to insinuate this, but it is clear what drove the ticket sales in this fight and at the end of the day Floyd “Money” Mayweather is laughing at you all the way to the bank because he KNEW how to spin this fight that he won SO EASILY!

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  • Boxer Dog says:

    Floyd back to himself. Poor Floyd. You lost. You are just a paper champ.
    Listen to the boos.

  • Qrc od macke says:

    Good review bro, i enjoyed industry part especially, all points are valid.

  • Benjamin Lang says:

    And no one talks about how Pac-Nocchio had a baby with another woman on his
    wife but they continue to talk Floyd’s legal troubles any chance they get.

  • Benjamin Lang says:

    Floyd Mayweather is a black extremely successful business man that
    dominated the sport of boxing in his era and white Amerikkka can’t stand
    it..I saw that after the fight on ESPN how they tried to completely
    minimize his entire career..They should be ashamed of them selves.. He
    schooled Pac-Nocchio with ease and made him look average at best..All
    offense no defense..

  • Jack1uptone says:

    Black people should realize now that everything black people do great,
    white people will try to own it, take credit for it or take it away.

  • LanceScurv says:
  • TheStartrekkid says:

    Manny Pac-nocchio lol.

  • Alexis Dominique says:


  • MrKingKago says:

    I thought Manny was suppose to be a humble man ha ha ha …… But he can’t
    even accept that he lost, instead he is making excuses

  • >