Why Do So Many New Years Resolutions Never Make It To February!

Happy New Year’s everyone!

It’s a joy to be posting in this New Year and for me I am truly feeling blessed to make it this far in my life to bear witness to the time that we are in. While there are many tragic happenings transpiring in our midst, believe it or not there are still many wonderful things happening by many conscious individuals who are determined to make a difference in the present time in this world.

This for many it’s a time for their enthusiastic projections to be proclaimed to the world as resolutions for what they intend to accomplish with that ever diminishing collective of fifty-two weeks that we call a year.   Fifty-two weeks is not that long of a time even though it can appear to be so. So when we make a resolution to hold through with a measure of change in our behavior it must be a very weak commitment indeed.

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But it makes me think that if we are unable to hold through in a pledge for something as simple as (Aside from any health issues, which for which I will not hold anyone to task) dropping a few pounds or budgeting your finances better, then we would be hard pressed to be a leader in the revolution for change within ourselves and for our people.

But let’s take a step back and slow it down a bit with all of the lofty plans that we speak about that half of us won’t even remember two weeks from now.


Stop and look around at your reality right now at this very moment, how does it make you feel?

Are you happy with where you are?

Are you content at this point that if I told you that this will be it for the rest of your life would you be okay with that?

Well what I’m getting at is that we need to be happy with our reality as it is with the blessings that we have and understand that there are countless people out here in the world who would love to be where you are at this point.

Now you may be in a situation that feels like torture to be in everyday and I’m not saying to be content with that aspect, but look at the simple things that God has blessed you with and know that you have time to work on those undesirable aspects as long as you hold on in your faith.

That’s the focus, holding on to your faith and having the presence of mind to be able to separate the pain from the blessings. Too many people – especially around the holiday season – allow their situations and surroundings to completely define the level of motivation and faith that they possess within.

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Never allow those perceptions to define you and the understanding that the most inspirational New Year’s Resolutions cannot be achieved if you cannot truly see that new reality beyond the downtrodden conditions that may exist around them. I do understand that most often attaining the changes that we desire can be very difficult, no one said it was going to be easy. But the essential and main ingredient to making it happen for you is to understand the power of a focused mind.

Everything that you see around you in this world is the product of a thought. Know that amongst all of the greatest inventions and creations around you that nothing was perfected on the first attempt.

Many have lived their entire lives working on a goal and never saw it blossom to fruition while others have completed it for them. For most it never happens overnight. So be prepared to manifest those resolutions that you possess over the long haul. Look beyond the season and take as many years as you need.

Change is not a fad as permanent change comes from dedicated effort. For many of us if we don’t achieve our lofty goals overnight we abandon them just as quickly as we embraced them. Have a plan of what it takes to get there and become a student of your craft. Many have all of the faith in the world yet are not willing to get their hands dirty to learn every hidden corner of the area they claim to have their faith in.


This causes the world to have plenty of faithful people who are wasting their time waiting for some external force to grant them their wishes without creating some type of movement toward their dreams.

How foolish.

So at best while most will only work halfheartedly toward their blurred dream for a part of the first month of the year before they fizzle out into a life of mediocrity, YOU must happily move forward because you understand that there is so much more involved than merely “speaking” your dream into existence, you have to be willing to change the slothful habits that will keep you in the same place until this time next year.


Let’s get busy streamlining our lives to cut the dead weight and look squarely in the mirror to the only person who could ever stop you from achieving your goals and make a pact to stay out of your own way to let God guide your steps and watch the miracle transpire!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Refreshed Brother,



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