Many Whites Are Outraged Over The Mall Of America’s Black Santa Claus! – The LanceScurv Show

The internet is burning up and the racist keyboards are heated after the news that the Mall of America introduced its first Black Santa Claus!

So this is the post racial America that so many closet racists spoke of because America finally had its first official Black President in Barack Hussein Obama?

So much for that!

The campaign of President elect Donald Trump let the entire world see how far behind in the stone age the United States really is when it comes to peace between the races and the generous sprinkling of hypocrisy dropped over a hefty offering of double standards that is an unspoken reality that Blacks must digest daily.

But who would have thought that a fictional projection such as Santa Claus would touch a nerve in psyche of Main Street U.S.A?

White America’s dormant fear of the inevitable state of genetic annihilation shines brightly when you witness how sensitive and territorial they can be when one of their perceived institutions of European influence and financial dominance is “invaded” by someone who “shouldn’t be there!”

Well why shouldn’t this Black Santa be there? He served his country and is now a retired Army Veteran who defended these same racists who balk at him now for acting as an American.

But it only shows how they feel about us because your only good when you are in an area of service that they feel is appropriate but you could NEVER be accepted in a role that deep down you are not supposed to portray. I hope Mr. Larry Jefferson got his wake up call about America is really all about so that his heart isn’t broken.

But I believe that he will be okay because ALL Black men get the harsh truth handed to them to make them understand how this racist system and mentality truly operates.

Take the time to absorb this free flowing rant and decided for yourself if this is yet another call to action for Blacks in America to pull their minds out of a Euro-culture that brings nothing but toxic results to the captive Afrikan mind.

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