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In the latest episode of European Culture Vultures who steal African creativity for their own profit, sodomite Marc Jacobs brazenly steals the African Bantu Knot and re-markets it as “Mini Buns” much to the delight of those who’ve always been envious of the hairstyle!

Why don’t these thieves come up with their own original ideas?

You want to know why? They HAVE no original ideas of their own to match all things African and this is why when you trace most things back to the root you will see a Black face there in the beginning!

But too many of us are afraid to call these vampires out and because of our hesitance to do so will sit by in an idle fashion while we are written out of history!

Marc Jacobs is doing nothing that is not in his nature to do, but we have to stand up in every way imaginable and make these thieves pay!

But too many of us are still caught up in a Madison Avenue that doesn’t give a damn about your Black ass unless they can profit from it to chew you up and spit you out in the process!

When will we understand that it all comes from us and that we don’t need to honor and worship those who are merely wearing our style while walking down their fashion runways?

Our style, our natural beauty, our complexion, our coloring, our Melanin, our lips, our asses, our sensuality, our strength, our spirituality & OUR EVERYTHING is not for sale and can never be transferred so stop supporting these criminals and look within to exude a love for everything that we are!

If we don’t we will be written OUT of history and be left with the scraps from a dinner table where we were never welcomed in the first place!

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