Marilyn Mosby vs. Toya Graham: A Tale Of Two Mothers! – The Red Carpet

Once again Dr. Ramona Brockett brilliantly ties in the seemingly unrelated topics and people to make you see what the hidden hand is doing behind the propaganda and hype.

The tactics executed behind “A Tale Of Two Mothers” is a phenomenon that has been going on in America for hundreds of years and has been working just fine in the present day if you peel back the layers of deception and manipulation that we as a people have fallen so easily victim to while feeling as though we have our so called freedom!

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  • Diamond storm says:

    Dr. Breezie broke down this case so smoothly. It all makes perfect sense

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I’m an all-in, whole-hog kinda guy. I expect everyone who ably can, act
    together or not, to participate in “The Struggle,” as it has been called,
    in any way they possibly can. I love both of my sisters. Marilyn Mosby and
    Toya Graham. But I do hate how Ms. Graham has unwittingly been used by the
    media to model a mode of behavior common amongst many Black people that a
    certain ilk of whites would like to propagandize and promote as the only
    authentic and acceptable form of Blackness there is. Not that I care what
    they erroneously think but we “are not a monolith”… and they know it.

  • Jared011Green says:

    good show I notice the hypocrisy also

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