Master Cee: How To End The Black Wealth Gap! – The LanceScurv Show

Our own intellectual powerhouse and very intense thinker Brother Master Cee brings us even more enlightenment on the Black Wealth Gap as he presents ten points that will end it. I believe that if we were to truly adhere to these principles as though our lives depended on it – which in fact it does – Black people would not only close the wealth gap between themselves and those who have had a 400 year plus head start with stolen land and free labor literally overnight!

The challenge is getting our people to see this and remove their mental dependence on a system that sucks their Life Force from them without any intention of fair reciprocation or even reparations for all that has been taken!

These oppressors want our physical separation while refusing to release their leech like grip over our lives to financially separate. We did better in the time of segregation for a reason and believe it is the philosophy of separatism that will restore and nurse us back to full strength!

Master Cee: How To End The Black Wealth Gap! - The LanceScurv Show

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