Mastering The Art Of Gossip Is For Those Who Have Succeeded Being Failures In Their Own Life!

Gossip is a lethal time killer and I can see why so many people claim that they don’t have enough time in a day to get anything accomplished.

…….its because they talk so damn much!

Now I’m not speaking about intelligent conversation and the righteous merging of the minds between two or more people, what I’m talking about is the senseless chatter that most indulge in that doesn’t leave anyone better off than when they started their noise exchange.

The mind is a very important tool that is responsible for the change in the world that we see everyday.


We know that God Himself is at the root of this change but we need to be silent and receptive in order to receive His word and running our mouths all of the time is surely a great way to miss the divine command.

Everything that you see in the world around you is the product of a thought.

Whether it is in the mighty forces of nature or a useful man made device that we take for granted, either God or man took the time to think in order to manifest the wonderful things that we bear witness to everyday in our earthly walk.

The power of life and death is in the tongue many love to quote, but how many really take those words to heart to really put them into action?

How can they manifest the power of life through their tongue when the things that they speak on are trivial at best and destructive for the most part?

Nothing Good will ever come from a conversation whose main purpose is to speculate on the business of someone else personal life.


Nothing Good will ever come from the constant. Nosy thoughts of how another person is making it in the world while you leave your own personal mess of how life unattended and open to bring even more negative spirits into your world by way of idle gossip.

It pains me greatly to see neighbors, coworkers and even total strangers run their mouths all day long in a way that never includes any plans to make themselves better today than they were yesterday even if the goal was simply miniscule.

But these very same “focus distracting” chatterboxes will share amongst themselves that you think that you are better than them because you won’t indulge in that time wasting activity called gossip.

Well, let me confirm your statement and say that YES, I am better than that activity because God placed me on this earth to do great things with my limited time here and not to waste it with the demonic activity of a constantly running mouth without taking the time to absorb great wisdom within.

I may not be better than you or anyone, but don’t try to stick that label on me because I don’t want to foolishly blow precious time indulging in an activity that is NOT God ordained.

Gossip Hurts

But noise, drama and confusion is a sweet drug to some of us and they simply cannot see why someone would not want to taste their juicy nuggets and tidbits of verbally destructive insignificant chatter.

Sorry, I have the right to remain silent and I refuse to give up my God given gift of focus to spend my time doing absolutely nothing that will improve my life as I aspire to one day hear the words from God of “job well done.”

As the clock ticks down on my life I am beginning to think a whole lot different than I did as a younger man.

Not to be a doomsayer or anything, but I am fully aware of where my blip is on the radar screen of life and just don’t want to waste a minute of something so precious and so divine.

I’ve learned not to take time for granted and fully understand the “here today gone tomorrow” syndrome that most must deal with while in a state of shock because they felt that things as they are would last forever.


Do everything that you possibly can your life to avoid that paralyzing shock of being unprepared for the unexpected and fill your day with the edifying types of verbal exchanges that will strengthen you because it’s full of wisdom as opposed to the character weakening indulgence called gossip.

If that kind of enlightening conversations are not available because of the people in your midst who feel that you are way out there mentally because of the way you talk, stay to yourself and meditate with your Creator and from within to absorb the ultimate commands from the most high.

Remember, it is better to lose yourself IN yourself as opposed to losing yourself in a conversation that God Himself looks down on and will never elevate you to your fullest potential!

Stop wasting time because the time for all of us on this earth is limited and your gossiping friends can’t do a damn thing to extend your life once the sands of the hourglass has run its course!

Remember that!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,




About The Author

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