Mastering The Art Of Adjusting

Being stressed tells me that there is some adjusting that needs to be done, in my perception, in actuality there is no stress, only mental realignment.

Stressful situations can always be converted into an advantageous positioning for yourself if you understand how to align yourself

Like a surfer balances the wave, we must learn to balance our time & resources for maximum effectiveness and productivity in our lives.

We must move with purpose to in order to extract the most out of our day but how can we move with purpose when we do not even know what that purpose is?

When you move forward in your day with a solid game plan you are least likely to be distracted. Those who are easily distracted never reach to that ever elusive higher level of being because it takes all of your inner resources and focus to arrive there in the first place.

Translation: You will never achieve any sizable accomplishment by half-steppin’.

So you must have a plan and you must be hard at work following the gradual increments of that plan. Like an old friend of mine who used to work at the Home Depot with me back in 1998-’99 named Desmond Braithwaite used to say, “You have to plan your work and work your plan!”

Its such a simple statement that carries great power. But many of us look for wisdom to be more complicated than what it really is, and most often it’s those simple old anecdotes that are the most enduring in our complicated lives.

I’ve also discovered that this thing called stress is reduced greatly when you have something positive on your mind to do and the faith to do what is necessary to move toward it.

But doesn’t that make sense?

I mean, most humans in this society don’t seem to know what to do with themselves when they are not indulging in some type of nonproductive sensory distraction. Senseless non directional television and cyber surfing hits the pleasure centers of the brain in the same manner that gambling does. If it is not that it may be some other “waste of time” activity that keeps the mind busy but leaves one without the sense of accomplishment that one has when they have something tangible to show for their efforts.

This lack of any sense of accomplishment causes the sufferer to seek out an even more titillating distraction in order to numb that ever present feeling of emptiness from within and that void that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

While I will admit that I work very hard 99% of the time to reach my goals, I am on the opposite side of the coin in that it is hard for me to indulge myself in something that won’t produce something valuable and tangible after the practice is over.

This trait may appear to be something that is very desirable but let me be the first person to tell you that when I kick into another gear of productive intensity, my very health is put in jeopardy!

So this is why we must understand the delicate art of adjustment. We must understand that the trick is in making a judgment is not to
overreact and go the opposite way just as hard. No. We have to make our changes ever so slightly.

Over adjusting is a recipe for disaster in our life.

You don’t remove all of your money from the bank because you ran across a teller with a bad attitude and poor people skills, you kindly speak to the person in charge to report the bad experience.

You wouldn’t embark on a strict eight hundred calorie a day diet regimen all because someone who hasn’t seen you for a while mentioned that you seemed to be putting on a few pounds. No. You would increase your activity levels slightly while cutting out the bad food in your diet and watching every morsel that you consumed!

Would you burn down your home because you discovered it was infested with roaches?

Would you divorce your husband/wife because they snore?

Would you get rid of your brand new car and leave it on the side of the road with the keys in it merely because it ran out of gas?

I know that most of you wouldn’t do these extreme things in reaction to such common occurrences but it is just to illustrate that making adjustments in ones life requires the ability to access the situation and what is needed at the time to make the malfunction disappear.

It also takes maturity to see beyond the present discomfort to know that the situation is not really out of hand and can be salvaged with a little ingenuity.

How many of us have lost out on the true beauty of our relationships, jobs, accomplishments and personal joy due to a lack of understanding in how to adjust ourselves and our thinking to make things work?

It doesn’t take much at all and those who do understand how to make a situation work where others go into overkill mode will always make it through most life challenges with flying colors while the others will just always seem to have an issue with moving forward.

It’s all in how you view this life…….

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