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As I’ve gotten older I realize that things are not always what they’re supposed to be.

The Colgate smiles in a family portrait never reveal what feelings lie deep within the troubled soul of a person.

Oftentimes we assume that the younger family members will always be the ones with major issues. Mainly because this world as it is can be so hard to adjust to with the plethora of challenges being thrown at us from day to day externally as well as from within.

Maternal Hate

We also expect age to bring maturity and wisdom and are shocked when we find that the graying hair and slowing steps of our Elders give no indication to the venom that they possess inside.


Yes, venom…….like a child who spent the entire weekend playing around and not taking the task of completing their homework in a timely fashion, we have Mothers out here who’ve never absorbed the lessons of their youth or haven’t come to the terms of being held accountable with the bad choices of their past and become envious of the clean slates that their daughters have as they prepare to pursue their dreams out in the world.

…….and this is more common than one could think.

So every accomplishment that their happy child would make is greeted with a negative comment or a dream killing action that discourages them and drains their spirit.

These heartbroken daughters can sometimes succumb to the devastation of depression during their younger years living under the same roof of their chameleon-like Mother as well as long after into their own maturing years because a mothers love is something that everyone needs in some form or another!

Some will be blessed to figure it out and make the necessary emotional adjustments to overcome this venom filled stranger masquerading as a caring individual but most I believe maintain the open wounds that have them wondering what did they do to deserve this continuous pain that they never asked for.

You see, these types of Mothers will come to your aid when you are down in life because that’s the only time that they can feel superior to your accomplishments or your potential. But OH if you meet a new love interest that appears to be a prospect for the long haul then watch out for the sabotage to begin! She will work day and night to find fault with that one who you really feel is the one for you and will bring in other family members and siblings into the fray to campaign against your happiness in the name of caring for you.

But nothing could be further from the truth as at the root of it all is a hate that can only be usurped from the bottomless pits of hell!

It doesn’t really surprise most who have Mothers like this but many women will always yearn for that time when their Mother comes out of here distant cold ways to be that one who shares that formerly elusive feeling of love and protection to that bleeding soul of a daughter whose inner child had been abandoned.

But in actuality it never comes, like that bus that never arrived to the station and left you stranded, you now have to find your own way to receive the maternal love that you never had.

Hateful Mothers

Sometimes you can be blessed to receive it from an Aunt, a Grandmother or even that elderly Lady at the church. But if not, you can move through life in a broken state, not feeling as full in your spirit because of never receiving that reassuring from a Mother whom never complimented you, always blamed you in a major way for the little mistakes that we make growing up and never allowing you to not feel chastised for events and happenings that you never had anything to do with.

This truly hurts as I’ve dealt with several Ladies like this in relationships that range from acquaintances to marriage. And as a supportive friend or loving husband, nothing I could do could really take the pain away completely as my presence in that regard was merely a distraction.

So at showtime I want us to delve into the deeper reasons why a Mother could be so hateful in action while pretending to be so caring to their daughters who are emotionally and mentally devastated beyond measure.

I also would like hear from those who have suffered through this type of dysfunctional treatment and how they’ve dealt with it to overcome or are still in the throes of pain seeking help from those who have defeated it.

Let’s have an evening of healing, embracing and support as we touch on a topic that most will never acknowledge out of denial.

Hasn’t it gone on too long? Isn’t it time that we break the shackles of another person toxicity in order to finally live a happy life?

I look forward to hearing from you on this episode of The LanceScurv Show.

Time: Friday September 20, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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