Matthew Knowles Former Mistress Alexsandra Wright: A Case Of Manipulated Sympathy Gone Wrong?

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s father and former manager, has dirty laundry that has been all out in the public for years and many are taking different stances in the classic case of an affair gone terribly wrong.

In case you haven’t been following the story, Alexsandra Wright is the woman who had a son by Beyonce’s Father, Matthew Knowles.

I believe the story first broke in February of 2010 and spread like wildfire on the countless gossip blogs and tabloids circulating a picture of the boy making comparisons of resemblance to Matthew.

Matthew Knowles & Nixon Alexander Knowles

After a D.N.A. test proved that Beyonce now had a little brother named Nixon Alexander Knowles – notice how his last name is not Wright – the manipulation game was now “on and popping” from Alexsandra’s side of the planet.

First allow me to say this, that I am in no form trying to make an excuse for a man who has cheated on his wife, had an affair and made a baby.

I think it is despicable what he did and I also would have like to think that if he was going to go out their and play that he should have wrapped it up if he didn’t have any intentions of having a child with anyone.

As the now former manager of Beyonce’s career, he should know that he is a target for many women out here in the world who are looking for a foolish old man who has lots of money and looking to recapture their youth with a much younger woman resulting in a mess of a situation.

Their son is innocent and did not ask to be the focal point of the frailties and now very much public character flaws of his parents.

Yes, Matthew Knowles needs to be disgraced in every way possible while stepping to the plate and at least making sure that his son has a reasonable shot at a good life because he can easily provide it being the accomplished man that he is.


But, if he is going to be disgraced, then his former Mistress needs to catch some of the heat also.

Why did she have to go public with this when she could have gone to the courts from the beginning to get Matthew to PAY WHAT HE OWES IMMEDIATELY and refrain from her public displays of imminent poverty?

Listen, it’s not a pretty picture by a long shot but there are countless stories out here of the deadbeat Father who refuses to acknowledge his child/children and have not supported them financially in no way, shape or form.

What do these struggle Mothers do?

They go to the courts and handle the situation as they should by finding these deadbeats and making them pay!

Now these men are usually not as much of a public figure like Matthew Knowles is yet they find them and bring them to task.

So tell me this, if Matthew Knowles is not too hard to find, what is the motivation for such public displays of manipulated sympathy¬†games and what is the ultimate prize that she is looking for if it isn’t to secure her son by forcing Matthew Knowles to contributing to his part of their mutual responsibility?

Child Support - Matthew Knowles

She is trying not only to shame Matthew Knowles but she is also attempting to play the “this is Beyonce’s little Brother and she should take him under her wing to live the glamorous money is no object life with her!”

Look,the D.N.A. tests have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Matthew Knowles is the Father of Nixon Alexander Knowles, but most women that I know who may have been in a similar situation are NOT going to give their child the last name of their deadbeat Father!

Some do and some don’t but I believe the majority of single women who were in a similar situation to Alexsandra Wright would lean toward given their child THEIR last name.

So to me this is a very public attempt to not only get deadbeat dad Matthew Knowles to cough up the cash that he has in abundance and SHOULD pay up, but also the bigger prize of subtly manipulating Beyonce into somehow getting involved and taking Matthew’s son under her wing which would benefit Alexsandra indirect in a very big way.

Matthew Knowles DID suggest that Beyonce and Jay Z raise Nixon so the seed was definitely planted in Alexsandra head.

Look at it this way, if Nixon gets to go around the world with Beyonce on tour and on her various appearances, wouldn’t it make sense that the Mother will also be by his side reaping the benefits of all of the goodness that falls down on his life?

Beyonce-Super-Bowl-2013-Matthew Knowles

I swear that this had to be a part of why she is pushing so hard in the wrong direction so publicly in this case.

Beyonce is NOT RESPONSIBLE for her Father and his lack of control in keeping his zipper zipped and I feel that Alexsandra’s equally foolish inability to keep her legs closed was fueled by the fact that she thought that she would be part of an Entertainment Dynasty that has endless money by the boat loads raining down on them like there’s no tomorrow.

Sure, she says the right thing by stating that this is not Beyonce’s issue but she also says that she wants Nixon to meet his older Sister.

But she knows that if this were to happen that the cameras would be snapping like out of control fireworks and it would put Beyonce in a funny position to actually show constant love ($$$$$$$) to her little Brother where Alexsandra would once again benefit?

I say that Alexsandra should stop focusing on her very public rants and go get a job!

She says that she wants to fight for her son then go ahead and get the public assistance as so many Mothers out here have before you, suck it up and make do until the courts bring Matthew Knowles to financial justice!

“As precious and adorable as your son may be Ms. Wright, your situation doesn’t deserve any more better treatment than the faceless women out here who are going through the same thing too!

…….get to the end of the line!

Food Stamp - Matthew Knowles

You will always be suspect to me because at the end of the day you ARE a two bit actress (Ms. Wright had a small one time role in the television series “Scrubs” back in 2001) and probably can’t face that you never made it big.

And when will you realize that because of your need to selfishly force yourself into their life by cracking your legs open to a weak willed married man has caused a family to break up?

Yes, Matthew is just as guilty but understand that you might never cash in on your whorish actions because what you’ve allowed has broken up an entire family and damaged their internal business affairs forever.

Whatever happened to keeping your legs closed to a married man?”

So after hearing of this developing mess, Beyonce fired her Father Matthew from being her manager and Beyonce’s Mother – Tina Knowles – filed for divorce to end their marriage of 31 years.

Nixon-Alexsandra-Matthew Knowles-Tina

On several occasions Alexsandra has stated that she will never stop fighting for her son’s identity. But what does she really mean by this?

To me that statement is an indication about what this entire affair is all about, to attached her cash cow and meal ticket of an innocent son, to some extremely famous people who could benefit her sorry ass life in a very big way.

She played her hand and found herself on the losing end of the game and now wants to lash out in one last attempt at cashing in.



Get a job.

Take Matthew Knowles to court as much as humanly possible to make him pay what he owes his son.

Stop the circus and raise your son without the spotlight, paparazzi and cameras.

Lick your wounds, learn from your devious ways and maybe something will work out for you.

Stop making a spectacle of an innocent child and step to the plate as a real woman to do whatever needs to be done to raise him!

Take the same precious energy that you’ve used to bitch and moan publicly and love your Son even more in private.

Telephone - Matthew Knowles

Maybe then you might get that one unexpected phone call telling you that a little “help” is on the way from your son’s older Sister.

I hope this spectacle has been a learning experience for both men and women alike who might be considering playing the same dangerous game that Matthew Knowles and Alexsandra Wright have with their very disastrous results…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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