Maya Angelou: A Life That Set The Bar For The Highest Standards!

Maya Angelou, I would have to say is the universal face of divine womanhood.

Whatever qualities that you would desire in the ultimate woman, you would find them in abundance all rolled up inside of her.

One lifetime wasn’t enough for Maya to share the gifts she possessed inside for the world, no, there was so much more.

Maya Angelou Speaking

But what we had the honor of getting a glimpse of is considered timeless and it is classic and I just don’t think that there’s anyone else who could ever compare.

Like that rare comet Kohoutek that passes through our universe every 75,000 to 150,000 years, a woman of Maya Angelou’s collective abilities is most likely for us a once in a lifetime thing.

What makes her so remarkable to me and also a huge inspiration is that no school can claim that they taught her anything because she never attended any college.

Maya Angelou Across Bed

She spoke several languages with ease and used words to express what many of us felt but never could put down on paper like she could.

While she had no secrets or gimmicks to be empowered to accomplish all that she has in her lifetime, if there was anything that I noticed that the world could take from her approach, it was her ability to be still and true to share what she received inside from God Himself.

Many of us are too distracted by the things of this world that are manufactured and frivolous to settle down enough to receive God’s expressions to us.

Maya Angelou & Oprah Winfrey

Life would be so much easier if we simply listen to Him but we place so much emphasis on the words of men instead of absorbing that still voice of God from within to be our constant spiritual GPS system.

If anything, this is what I’ve inherited from Maya Angelou as she was never influenced by the fads of the day in what she had to share from the soul.

She never sought the validation of anyone to project what she did in the beautiful quilt of wisdom that she has sewn together with her words in such a divine manner.

Maya Angelou & Malcolm X

She was never afraid to share her frailties, which to me was the ultimate sign of the strength of character and another very attractive quality that she had as an artist.

Unlike those those today who will do anything to appear perfect, Maya Angelou knew that to simply be herself would be the best way to navigate through a world that was so full of fraudulent entities hellbent on grasping for a time the passing moments of fame that they’ve sold their soul to the devil for.

This is why her work would be timeless, she never forced anything out of her creative being for the sake of a deadline, for it had to ring true from within before being released for mass consumption in the world. A true artist and perfectionist indeed.

Maya Angelou - Feinstein Songbook

But in my heart not only would she be forever remembered for her touching words and the captivating stories of her life, but her mere presence was an event to behold if you’ve had the pleasure to share the same time and space with her while she was alive and walking the earth.

This was not a pleasure that I had a chance to indulge in, although there were several missed opportunities to do so in my life that I could just kick myself for missing.

But from what I’ve witnessed on television and the internet of Queen-like and very regal presence was that she was so much to so many for so many reasons.

When you really look at the caliber of woman that Maya Angelou was, you would be hard pressed to find in today’s world that type of woman coming off the assembly lines because the standards of today have sunk so low.

Yes, there are many great women out here who would do the memory of a Maya Angelou quite proud, but there are simply not enough like there used to be back in the day growing up.

While most that I knew like Maya may not have possessed the stellar talents and abilities to compare to her God given gifts, they did have a high standard of decency which always made me feel that Maya Angelou was a woman that I knew growing up.

Maya Angelou And Her Wisdom

On that level, we all knew a Maya Angelou in our inner circles or neighborhood growing up and while this type was always there to love on us and lift our spirits, they weren’t about to watch us skirt the rules of decency while in their presence.

They say that we need decent strong men in our community to support the growth of consciousness in our youth as they grow up and I would agree that that’s true.

But we also need that wise woman who has an almost clairvoyant ability to see below the surface of what we need and the ability to prescribe the remedy to bring us back on course and to full strength.

This is what Maya Angelou and the multitude of women that I’ve known who possess those divine abilities who I’ve had the honor of being raised and corrected by.

Maya was that woman and this is why I believe so many couldn’t get enough of drinking in her words as they were definitely nutrition for a hungry soul.

Yes, Maya Angelou and those like her weren’t going to settle for you being anything less than your best.

Maya Angelou In Her Youth

They didn’t even have to tell you what to do, you just knew that you had to fall into the line of what was decent if you were pushing the limits of what you were taught as a child.

If you had a foul mouth around your friends, you straightened up immediately when you saw a “Maya Angelou” in your presence.

If you were determined to walk the street showing more than you should have been revealing as a young girl, that became a thing of the past when you saw your neighborhood Maya walking down the street toward you.

If you were hurt and had a broken heart because of what you’ve learned about your mate that was going on behind your back with another person, it was Maya who comforted you and soothed your pain away as she shared her similar tales of betrayal.

When you were angered beyond measure and sought to enact a revenge that would be legendary even in the deepest pits of hell, it was Maya who convinced you that karma would soon have its way with the situation, leaving your hands clean of all things wicked.

So in a world that is definitely out of control for the most part, to have such a pillar of decency and wisdom in our midst like Maya Angelou is something that we could have never comprehended living without.

Maya Angelou Apollo Marquee

Now that the physical presence of Maya Angelou is now a thing of the past, I believe that it is time now for all of the remaining Maya Angelou’s young and old to step up and shine in the manner that the original Maya has made a habit of doing so well.

Let us celebrate her life with our every step and thank God that He gave us the gift that has been Maya.

Her passing some will say is a sad time, but in actuality WE would have been worse off if we weren’t gifted with her as the divine bar of high moral standards that we can now all reach for.

Maya Angelou In Her Younger Days

She deserves her time on the higher levels of existence beyond this realm after toiling so endlessly in a world that so desperately needed her.

For those who understand her shine, let us celebrate our gain.

…….and for those who haven’t a clue, pity them, for it is in their sad existence of lower consciousness that they will surely perish in if they haven’t learned from her glorious path of a life.

Thank you Maya Angelou for showing us all that a Queen can emerge from a people that the world scorns and can shine over and above all who are ordained by man’s limited hierarchy.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Humble & Gracious Brother,



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