McDonald’s Employee Latia Harris Beats Down Catherine Ferreira In Front Of Her Two Year Old Son!

It was very shocking to me to actually witness the video of 25 year old Latia Harris beating down 27 year old Catherine Ferreira in full view of her two year old son after following her out of the McDonald’s restaurant in Salem New Jersey where she works in order to finish a previous dispute on her own very physically violent terms.

Whether we realize it or not, it is easy to kill someone if a blow lands at the right sensitive spot to incur a fatal injury.

Latia Harris

Latia punched Catherine in the face at least twenty times while she lay on the ground curled up and defenseless.

What she did was not justified over the gossip that she claimed that she heard Catherine speaking about with the other McDonald’s employees about Latia’s on the job romance that was allegedly going on.

Latia claimed that Catherine should keep her mouth closed because she could lose her job if the word got out about what she was involved in inappropriately for the workplace. Well how she handled it was definitely inappropriate by the law and her troubles are now amplified immeasurably!

This subject leaves me in a place of not really knowing where to start dissecting it because there are so many angles and points that this incident brings up.

But assuming that you watched the video that I supplied with this article, you already know the minor details of this tragedy so therefore I’m going to jump right into what stood out first and foremost in my mind.

Let me say that whoever stood around to watch this without getting involved to help Catherine Ferreira should also be charged as an accessory to some degree in this crime especially since they had the presence of mind to stand there and videotape this horrific attack as it happened in front of a child.

But looking at it from another angle maybe many of those who were their were afraid to even get involved because of the legal ramifications that they could possibly find themselves facing if they were to put their hands physically on Latia Harris therefore now becoming involved in a way that would suck them in deeper into controversy than they would have ever wanted.

…….but then again would we even be talking about this story if someone didn’t take the time to videotape the crime?

Catherine Ferreira

Before I chew into Latia Harris like I want to, I just want to say that the moral fabric of our society has eroded so badly that when someone in front of a crowd is being beat down inches away literally from death that it could be viewed as entertainment because we have become so desensitized to violence as it merely happens to be just another potential YouTube sensation that we take joy in getting the credit for capturing.

So in essence the only monsters present at this public lynching weren’t Latia Harris but also the entire mob of onlookers who “ooooohh’d and aaaaahh’d” with every punch and kick executed on a helpless Mother who at worst might have possibly said something in an exchange that ticked off an already pissed off at the world Latia Harris.

She had to already have major issues in her life to go into such a drastic level of overdrive losing focus on the civility that we all have a duty to uphold in a society that has laws placed in effect to ensure our personal expectation to control ourselves in public.

But to be honest with you, the photo that was taken of her that is being circulated now in order to help track her down appears to be someone who isn’t too right in the head in the first place.

And from what I see in my everyday life, there are a whole lot of women young and old like Latia Harris who are living life in a mental state of mind that could only be categorized as being on the edge.

We are also so desensitized to how bad it is to inflict violence on another human being and are really out of control to be able to beat someone down merely because of a few harmless words.

This shows me that the beast called Latia Harris definitely has some serious self esteem issues and probably doesn’t know how to deal with the normal stresses of life at all.

Dear Lord! Could you imagine how many hamburgers she spit in merely because she may not have liked how nice another young lady looked who ordered a meal?

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m simply being honest in my assessment of her character.

There is a little voice in my head that tells me when they finally start to dig into the background of this monster that they will find other incidents large or small that would have pointed to something like this eventually happening.

This was not a case of self defense, Latia Harris left her job IN UNIFORM to follow Ms. Ferreira and her child and to make matters worse she threatened to kick the face of her little two year old boy who had more balls to stand up as a man than the onlooking videotaping punks who simply stood by doing nothing at all!

At two years old he was more man than any other male that was present during this incident and probably more man than most grown ass men that I know now.

Catherine Ferreira's Son

Her bail should be a whole lot more than the 35,000 dollars that is has been set at and she should incur more punishment for running from the law as that alone shows that she is not as tough as she thinks that she is.

She is more than a bully.

She is the worst of the worst and she represents the element of wayward Black womanhood that gives a bad reputation to all Black women who have to be a little more aggressive righteously in order to hold down the responsibilities that they do.

This woman is a nightmare to many and an embarrassment to her race!

They say that you should never hit a woman?

Well maybe your mind will change after seeing what Latia Harris did to Catherine Ferreira because if I was there witnessing what I saw on that video tape then I would be guilty of knocking her out cold and remained present until the police came to lock me up!

You should never hit a Lady but Latia Harris doesn’t even qualify to be considered sub-human and whatever she gets for what she did she deserves!

It’s better for me to get locked up for doing the right thing than to punk out to be what God made me to be as a man.

I call a spade a spade and I will not defend anything that she has done merely because she is Black and she should be locked up FOREVER for what she did in full view of Catherine’s HERO of a loving Son and so brazenly executed while knowing full well that she was being videotaped.

So I have no mercy on her at all and there is no excuse in the world that she could give me to make me feel otherwise.

She was out of order, wrong, demonic, down right evil and needs to have a prison day room full of disgruntled diesel dykes who lift weights all day and hate a punk bitch like Latia Harris who could threaten a little boy and spit on his Mother in front of him!

…….and if anyone who just read my words who doesn’t agree then that means that something is terribly wrong with your mind too!


Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Righteously Stomps Out Women Like Latia Harris,



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