Mediocrity Or Greatness: The Choice Is Yours!

I recently had a wonderful phone conversation with a dear friend of mine yesterday who resides in London.

We touched on so many interesting points on the various life issues that I feel the majority of us have to deal with while moving forward in our life’s journey while avoiding that dreaded state of being called mediocrity.

One of the points discussed that I wanted to share is that we must always move forward to reach our goals no matter what may be transpiring in our lives at that particular time.


We are to never get caught up in what may be going on negatively at the moment.

When you look at all of the people past and present who have achieved anything of note you have to understand that they most likely had other challenges going on in their life but it didn’t cause them to stop pursuing that passionate goal that resided deep within their heart.

Never forget that.

To reach your goals “through it all” is what makes the reaching of those goals even sweeter because when you get there you can say to yourself with a big smile on your face that “I made it here regardless of the obstacles that were thrown my way!”


It seems like to many people seem to allow their personal challenges to cause them to give up.

Just think of how many disease cures could have been realized if that young medical student never allowed her boyfriend to break her heart and distract her from the wonderful future that was waiting for her that she never knew that she had?

Think of how many people quit their jobs because of the envious coworkers who saw the potential to move up in the company and badgered them to eventually break their belief in themselves when they could have become a valuable asset to the company in a higher paying and more satisfying position.

We’ll never know how many men and women of God have succumbed to the worldly temptations placed in their path to cause them to never get back on their righteous track to evolve into that dynamic soul winner that they were destined to become if only they didn’t allow their temporary personal issues to pull them off course.


Don’t ever think that the atmosphere has to be so perfect for you to move forward to strive for your goals without something coming at you to pull you from becoming your personal best.

…….count on it. It’s literally guaranteed.

The storms will always come but they never last forever. Never be fooled into thinking that the beautiful warm sun ceased to exist merely because the clouds have blocked their view.

Too many talented people in our midst have allowed the discouraging storm clouds of negative events to take them away from enjoying the beautiful life that they were guaranteed to enjoy shortly afterward if they only held on to believe that it was to come to pass.

Severe Storm Clouds

Drama, distraction, negativity and doubt will always find itself knocking at your front door by the covert efforts of those to whom you cross paths with in this life, it’s up to you if you allow them in to become a permanent resident in the pristine house that protects your personal supply of motivation, focus and positive mindset.

It used to be when we read the achievements of those who have accomplished all things great, we were oftentimes left in the dark when it came to knowing what they had to endure in their personal lives to actually reach their iconic status in their personal area of expertise.

We were told when they were born, when they died and the great things that they did while on this earth but never of their personal demons that they had to struggle with from within or the external obstacles that almost kept them from succeeding in life.

I’m now seeing many books and television presentations that have definitely improved in how our historic figures are presented in a more human light.

History Channel

When looking back on a wide cross section of the high achievers in history, I never knew that many of them had struggles with depression, alcoholism, sex addictions, extensive criminal records or were just plain ol’ considered to be very strange people by their very mediocre peers! LOL!

So if they could overcome the intimidating mountains that stood in front of them in their lives, SO CAN YOU!

The only thing that made them different from the others who never succeeded was that they never allowed what issues they had at the time to cause them to quit or lose sight of the greatness that was there for them to achieve.

Mediocrity or greatness.

…….the choice is yours!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Highly Motivated Brother,



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