There are too many false compromised males in our community who want to be the real thing as far as exuding true manhood but have settled for being a talking head who is ineffective in handling their business as a true man.

These are the frauds who because of their deep-rooted insecurities will go out of their way to discredit a real man who has a certified track record in handling their affairs efficiently.

These are the kind of male organ possessors who smear one who has represented in his life what a true man is as oppose to those who tell you to step it up as a man yet find themselves severely in debt and unable to produce a certified track record in life of anything positive that they never accomplished.

These resentful energies usually have gained what little modicum of knowledge and shine that they repeat to the world from a woman that has taught them and raised them up single-handedly.

These males will usually feel very threatened when a real man who is accomplished steps in to the conversation.

If these males possessed the integrity and experience that is accrued after several decades of living as a responsible man they wouldn’t reveal their little boy anxieties because of their lack of true grit that comes with the experience of being behind the wheel of life.

So many women are fooled into thinking that they have a catch of a man because of the words that they say and things the promise without further investigation.

I feel that any man who presents himself as being someone worthwhile in a welcome positive addition to any woman’s life should bear his soul and prove with documentation his worth in his possible righteous tracks in life.

Too many sisters have been hurt and deceived and if they had demanded that they check the criminal record, the work record in the creditworthiness of this potential male who masquerades as a man they would have avoided weeks, months, years and even decades of wasted time.

I will never stop speaking of those deadbeats who want to parade around as a boss but can’t handle their personal affairs.

I will expose them at every turn because me as a man have had to deal with the blowback of the irresponsible behavior of these frauds.

Feel free to share your perspectives on this topic and know that you are always welcome to return as we upload new content every single day. I hope you have enjoyed yourself and if you ever want to appear on the show please reach out to me at the email provided below.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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