MENTAL ILLNESS? Nikolas Cruz Knew Good & Damn Well What He Was Doing! – The LanceScurv Show

Why is it that every time a school shooting happens in America as in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz incident, the guilty individual or individuals are deemed to be mentally ill when they are White?

Why is it that most Black schools are deemed to be dangerous places that must have metal detectors but the overwhelming majority of the schools where mass shootings transpire are almost always White?

Why is it that we never hear the words thug, criminal, animal or savage when referring to these evil people who had the sense enough to carry out such a wicked plan of destruction on innocent people who are classified as soft targets?

Am I the only person who sees how slanted the so called Mainstream Media is when reporting a tragic incident involving a White murderer?

What is the effect on our psyche in the society across the board when we allow this propaganda to sink deeply into our subconscious minds without any filter?

I for one am sick of my Black brothers and sisters being demonized in such a blatant manner and will never stop calling it out when the killers of us are rewarded with a trip to Burger King and the legally protected status of being Mentally Ill as though they’ve accomplished something edifying to the world!


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