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Michelle Rodriguez makes the leap to attain a higher status in Hollywood by tap dancing HARD for her masters of oppression to distance herself from all “minority” by stating that we need to stop “stealing white heroes!”

It has become even more popular to make public statements that echo the stance of those power mongers who manipulate who gets roles in Hollywood and who doesn’t.

Some of us will literally say anything if we think it gives us a better shot of continue employment with those satanic pedophile practicing sub humans who make the big decisions on who will play the parts that will affect the subconscious minds of the masses.

While Michelle Rodriguez didn’t say the word “Black”, she insinuated it and then attempted to come out with a weak watered down apology that even Stevie Wonder could see was not genuine!

This is yet another example of one who is not White using the race laced rhetoric to gain her honorary White card.

So as you can see, this is not something that Black people do when intoxicated by the poisonous amenities that they they would potentially receive if allowed to enter into the perceived world of the affluent caucasians but also mixed Latinos who will ride with the Black population through thick and thin only to act as though they never rode with you when they had nothing at all.

This is not all, but this is far too many!

The question is, why do so many people feel that being accepted by a people who think nothing of you will enhance one’s life for the better?

Why is it that many of these confused individuals will abandon their own culture and racial identity as though the oppressor will embrace them wholeheartedly for doing so?

I truly believe that it is a sign of severe mental sickness when you feel that you should bash your own people and “cash in” on them simply to be like by a people who only want the worst for you!

Integration has done absolutely nothing for the Black people in America but when those same oppressors hear someone like me mention this, they want to say that I’m racist but they never say the same for the segregated Asian or Jewish communities that deal with their own economy and issues “in-house” and separately before it ever becomes an issue for the larger society.

They have their own and they work hard to protect it and we should have our own just the same within the larger framework of the American socio-economic structure.

Put it this way…….you don’t see Chinese people marching on Washington for fair and equal treatment. The reason for this is that they have their OWN and don’t need anything from an oppressor that is well documented for the evil treatment of those that don’t look like them!

So Michelle Rodriguez needs to sit down and shut up with her “coonery”, and those of us who can see right through it need to stop being afraid to open our mouths and call it out!

So Michelle, when you get your Hollywood wake up call when they mistake you for the office cleaning lady and STILL expect you to act like one even after they realize who you are, don’t come running home to those “thieving minorities” for help when your diminishing sense of self esteem – which was based on their acceptance of you – plummets down to an all time low!


Separate and THRIVE!

Don’t the Asians and Jews know this?

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Raw Brother,



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  • Shirley williams says:

    Still spelling it wrong I give up

  • Shirley williams says:

    Meant wight not eight

  • Shirley williams says:

    Really well she’s stupid cause who cares who plays the part eight , black ,
    red ,green is that what her biggest problem in life is. I really liked her
    I loved how cool her character is in many movies she played in. I guess
    everyone is allowed to say somthing stupid at least once in there life

  • Alicepunk Gadspy says:

    My Fox and Friends comment got lined out by Youtube! Hmmm?

  • Alicepunk Gadspy says:

    Heraldo Rivera- Very successful TURNED to FOX and Friends, Turned Republican even though they are big on throwing Hispanics out STILL gets that SPIC wake up call every day! Not too many broadcast wards for him.

  • Alicepunk Gadspy says:

    Jonny Depp -Tonto!

  • Alicepunk Gadspy says:

    As far as Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, South Americans, Originally they all came from the same ancient Aztec and Inca tribes. They where dark skinned , dark as Africans, coffee colored Indians. Then the White French and mainly Peru and Spain men came and concord them. The ruling President wanted to end that and actually gave white men a tax break if they married a South American. (There was a shortage of white European women in the new colonies) Thus a long leaniage of intermixing until the original dark Aztec Inca was but folk lore and that’s why they are now light, bright, and damn near white. (Yet the dark Originals ARE still in the Amazon jungle -shhhh!) The Europeans still loved the idea of slavery and brought Africans over. After a decade, they stopped slavery and the Africans either intermixed with them as well especially in Brazil. The same thing happened on many islands like Cuba, Dominican Republic, Caribbean, Puerto Rico. Very few African slaves came directly to America from Africa. Most where second generation slave decedents sold to the US from South America. Run away and freed African slaves mixed with many pure blood Dark skinned American Indians before they practically became extinct. (Look at Sitting Bull, Geronimo, no ways light or white but often portrayed as such [Tonto]

  • Alicepunk Gadspy says:

    The Last Air Bender was an Asian boy in the comics but in the movie THEY made him white! The Original Green Lantern was ASIAN and was supposed to be played by Bruce Lee in the 60’s , but due to racism, Hollywood didn’t think that White America would like to see that on ’60’s T.V. Speaking of the 60’s most of those tv superhero shows and magazines including the comics where started in the 50’s- 60’s during the civil rights era. What do you think the chances of a black super hero coming to light? People would be offended if they made a movie called “The Last Cowboy” featuring Denzel Washington (even though the First American cowboys WHERE Black before the job was cool) but we are to digest the idea that Tom Cruz is “The Last Samori”. Hollywood for years cast white men as American Indians and even Africans in old Tarzan movies. They’ve NEVER gotten Cleopatra and Moses’ wife straight. Angelina Jolie played Mariane Pearl -a BLACK woman – white people where ALL for that!

  • tricia aguirre says:

    For a comment below, the actress is from Texas, not Latin America.

  • solreavir says:

    There are three racial classifications according to the compensatory code. White, Non white and then theres the White supremacist. The most powerful and most deviously intelligent of the three. They are the ones who created the racial classifications. To keep everyone confused in all areas of activity and maintain dominance over the non white peoples of the world. They’ll even sacrifice white people to do it.

  • solreavir says:

    Exactly This!

  • Stablemable2 says:

    Its disappointing when people of color only see a threat or a criminal when they see a Black they dont know. Some Hispanics do that and they get obvious about it, especially in NY.Blacks buy things and earn things much more than they give us credit for.Black American kids need Black heroes of fantasy too but Hollywood more often rejects them because Whites are most often turn-off by non-whites.If Michelle Rodriguez really meant what she said, she can go straight to hell with her stupid ignorant racist comment.

  • Soraya says:

    I agree with her.We should make up our own using African deities or just from off the top of our heads instead of trying to chocolatize white characters. We still latch on to them and it’s time to cut the cord.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    “We are the heroes of the world.” – Scurv

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Book recommendation for Ms. Rodriguez: “Stolen Legacy” by George James

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Black people are my people and Native Americans are my people as well. But guess what I am overall… Black.

  • kemistri 123 says:

    no offense but michele rodriguez isnt black

  • kemistri 123 says:

    black white indian asian and native american???ooo gosh u americans are retarded, u do realize india is in asia, and asia is a continent not a race..

  • kemistri 123 says:

    when latinos come to the USA, its really money, not culture, not side with blk or white american nooooooooo im sorry the money and send it back to our countries.. thats our goal

  • kemistri 123 says:

    puerto rico is not a country, its territory, and michele is american, she was born in USA.. her mother is dominican??? yesss puerto rico does have a culture, this is why americans obsess with that because americans dont have a culture or pride, but pr does

  • kemistri 123 says:

    puerto rican is not black, its nationality anyone can be puerto rican… michelle is american, born of puerto rican and dominican descent… majority of the island is mixed… but when u come to the USA, they have drop rule meaning if 3% of black somehow ur fully black?? typical american mentality

  • Ramona says:

    If you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas!

  • Terrence Ball says:

    OK michelle that’s how you feel huh, not cool. I can’t stand rug munchers like her.

  • James Artemus says:

    Lance My Brother.I like your blogs. If you ever had a latina, who loves you and compare it to our sisters. You may look at this one different.Culture is the key, when you deal with a culture that is compatable to men, like most spanish women. It could be seen that at the end of the day she’s looking out for family. What she says is not important only what shes bringing out of the kitchen. I dont think shes political if shes a true burliicua.

  • James Artemus says:

    Well Lance my comment will be bias, because this borlicua is nice. she might be honest in saying she speaks without a filter sometime. She might just be trying to get at a $

  • Black Cherubim says:

    This is why whites love latinos. They are not a race but an in-between protecting white supremacy. This same woman did a DNA admixture test on that show “who do you think you are” and it showed she has black ancestry even though many from that country tried to erase their African ancestry by even inbreeding with lighter family members just to remain of lighter skin.

  • Daniel Brunson says:

    Great video my brother I heard her response to what she said and I must say it wasn’t any better than her initial comments she’s painful touched in the head so much so that she actually believe the crap she spewed.

  • A Charles says:

    The Marvel universe has many universes to itThe main universe is 616. 616 is the main comic universe.But over the years other universes have been created by Marvel.Maybe Michelle doesnt know this.sorry for the nerd explanation

  • A Charles says:

    Lanceeven when she made an apology it made no sense

  • A Charles says:

    I usually like Michelle but she sounds like a idiot in this interviewWe dont have the power to “steal” anything from white peopleThe studio,producers,directors and casting people decide who are in the movie not us

  • LanceScurv says:
  • >