Microwaveable Friendships – Why Are We Rushing The Time To Waste Our Time?

It hit me so hard the other night while hosting our internet talk show when my dear friend Nichelle Gray mentioned that we’ve known each other already for nine long years, I didn’t realize that it had been that long and paused for a moment to really examine the fact that THAT much time had passed since we first met online.

It’s funny, while there are some people in this modern day and age that you may have never met face to face, you can still “know” them on such a close level without ever feeling the warmth of their hand or the pleasure of their company in the physical. Which proves to me that our initial connections that are true and meaningful have absolutely nothing to do with the physical at all.

True love transcends all space and time bar none, true connections cannot be diminished merely because there are a few thousand miles between those who care for each other. This is why we as conscious human beings should make the effort to look beyond the superficial when relating to each other and never allow ourselves to be “swayed” by the way a person may look or by what possessions that a person has.

We are all nothing more than pure energy. Case closed. Learn to see those in your midst as nothing more than that because to do otherwise would cause you so much stress, strife and literally welcome a guaranteed disaster into your life and who wants that?

Fake Friends

The lesson learned from the statement made by Nichelle taught me that we on a whole usually do not take the time to get to know each other at all. Even when we feel that we know each other good enough it pales in comparison to the time when we as grown folks still made time to court and know each others families. While time is irrelevant once you know about the character of a person, it is VERY important to spend that initial down payment of the time that is mandatory to confirm ones sincerity before making the leap into a lifetime commitment.

If we would only learn to “see” each other with our spiritual eye we would save ourselves years if not decades of drama and regrets. But in this world it is so seductive to get caught up in the costume party that has become this world and the fraudulent entities whose identity can change so swiftly at the drop of a dime.

It is our fault when we get “taken” for that uncomfortable ride of deception because when we really look back over our misjudgment of the shysters who have used us, the signs were always there. As a matter of fact, not only were the signs there but they were screaming at you but you were too caught up in the intoxicating paper thin facade to see anything else!

No matter how technology has advanced, nothing can beat a well prepared meal that was created slowly over time with every ingredient handled meticulously before adding it to the pot. Microwave ovens just can’t compete with the slow melding of flavors from the choice ingredients that have the time to get to know each other so well to create that divine swirl that bursts in your mouth to satisfy your deepest cravings.

That is something that can only be developed over time.


I prefer to cook my friendships over time and never ever expected those microwaveable emotional one night stand associations to veer become anything more than what it was…….

Friendships, business relationships and marriages must go through the same process and time is the main ingredient to achieving this highly desired state of being. Nothing can rush this process and since the majority of us do, we are paying the price with divorce, stolen money, backstabbed victims, broken hearts, so called friendships that end up being brief acquaintances and the general waste of time that comes from our quick fix “throwaway” associates.

Nothing these days as far as our human connections seem to last anymore because we haven’t learned to cultivate a true connection and we want to rush or bypass the necessary steps that require some time for them to take hold. You don’t glue to items together and then expect them to have a maximum bond long before the glue has dried. You must give it time for the bond to strengthen in order for it to stay affixed as desired.

But how can we truly enjoy the bond of true love when we know what our mates genitals taste like before we know how their childhood experience affected their mental state of mind? We are so quick to GO DOWN on our mate in our freakish sexual desires to make them CUM but are so reluctant to take the time to slow down with that SAME mate in deep conversation to cultivate their inner qualities which will make them stay!

We have it all backward and until we change how we do things then expect the divorce courts to be full as well as those long term relationships that the older generations have enjoyed for a lifetime to be a distant memory of the past.

…….and the old folks never even KNEW what a Facebook page was, and they fared so much better without it.

Thank you Nichelle for taking the time to know me for who I am.

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