Mike Huckabee: “Dred Scott Is The Law Of The Land!” 21st Century Second Class Citizenship? (Part 2)

Mike Huckabee recently stated that Dred Scott is still the law of the land in America and shattered the veil of denial in many of his constituents near and far.

Dr. Ramona Brockett dissects not only the Mr. Huckabee’s statement, but the actual truth behind it as well as explaining why those in denial find themselves in that toxic state of mind in the first place.

It is mandatory that you buckle your seat belt for this one because Dr. Brockett pulls no punches and takes no prisoners with her fact-laced perspectives and her dead on assessment of a situation that should have been addressed long before in a methodical manner.

But as they say that nothing happens before it’s time especially when you realize that one would be hard pressed to find anyone who can break this latest development down as brilliantly as Dr. Brockett has.

Leave your emotions behind as you absorb her powerful words and grab hard onto the facts and you will find that most in denial will be cured and those who have been long ignored traditionally will have their feelings validated as this undisputed truth is welcomed into there mind.

We must also stress that if you have any difficulty hearing this program because of what may appear to be poor audio quality, do know that our YouTube Channel has been under attack by various “agencies” that seek to discourage us in our efforts to share our relevant truths as well as attempting to turn those eager to hear us away because of the hack job that they are doing on the LanceScurv YouTube platform.

If you come across any one of our programs that may contain inferior audio quality, please feel free to reach out to LanceScurv at [email protected] or 407.924.8793.

I will respond immediately to investigate “the powers that be” and their botched attempts at illegal censorship as though we are still considered three-fifths of a human being or property.

Thank you for your continued support to our work and know that we’ve pledged to ensure that the best is yet to come regardless of the obstacles!

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