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Minister Akbar Abdul Muhammad – International Representative Of The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and The Nation Of Islam – Lectures in a presentation titled “Justice Or Else: The Murder Of James Anderson and The Attack On Black America.

This very moving and focused word shared by The Minister was held at the St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church in Ft. Pierce Florida where the travesty transpired.

This historic event took place on October 12, 2013 and was sponsored by The Coalition of Concerned Citizens, The National Leadership Coalition and The Nation Of Islam.

Minister Akbar Muhammad

A big thanks to all who attended as well as those who are taking the time to absorb the word shared by Brother Akbar as all we ask is that you share this video with all of your contacts and friends. A warm expression of appreciation to my Big Brother Dr.Vibert White Ph.D. for having the vision to put this event together.

Let us all now band together in a unified front regardless as to our religious affiliations, country of origin or political stances because when the oppressor comes to take our lives or snatch away our rights he or she doesn’t question anything about our personal lives because all they see is the skin that we’re in to justify our slaughter!

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