Minister Louis Farrakhan Spanks President Barack Obama!

One thing that you must respect about Minister Louis Farrakhan is that he is not going to bite his tongue when he has something to say. Now I understand that many individuals down through the years may not necessarily agree with what he has to say but when you really and truly break it down, he was never really “off” in his assessment of many things now that a little time has gone by and we can put many of his comments in the proper framework within the whole situation as we know it.

I have always loved that about him and have been affected greatly by this aspect of his personality.

So when he disagreed with the handling of Libya recently by President Barack Obama, he gave his reasons why as to how it fit within the entire scope of many things that the American people have sadly overlooked. My judgment runs along the same vein as his and now that so many things that he has spoken on over the last few decades have come to pass, I am quite sure that many who still refuse to say that he was dead on in his prophecies will silently agree that he is not the nutcase that the media has tried so hard to paint him, but the intelligent man of God that I have always known him to be!

So when Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks, YOU BETTER LISTEN!

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