Mister Cee Of Hot 97 Comes Clean About His Sexuality Live On Air After Being Exposed By A Cross-dresser/Drag Queen Via YouTube!

When I heard the confession of Mister Cee, the Hot 97 DJ and radio personality of one of New York City and the Tri-State area’s most popular radio shows, it really made me know how deep the pain can be for someone who has not come to terms with their sexuality.

Now in the past I have stated my perspectives on categories of sexuality other than what is ordained by scripture and I stand firm on it, but what I am speaking about now is not only being caring for a human being who is in a place of unbearable pain and suffering who needs to come to terms with it, but the foolish decisions one will make to get what it is they feel they want when it comes to sexual thrills.

Mister Cee

Mr. Cee, if you did not know, was previously arrested for soliciting male prostitutes. His preference for these secret rendezvous’ were of the cross-dressing/ transgendered variety. After each well publicized episode, he always kept his high profile and very visible job as one of the top DJ’s with a rock solid legacy that goes back 20 years with the station.

But evidently he ran across the wrong person in the street, he picked up the internet personality who goes by the name of BimboWineHouseTV online. “Bimbo” knew immediately who this famous person was and although “he” wasn’t a prostitute, he played along with it and recorded the interaction between the both of them in Mr. Cee’s car. This was just plain wrong!

This cross dressing dude was down for the interlude because he knew good and damn well that he would become even more cyber famous after the recording gets out to the world! He did this intentionally and he didn’t even care about the repercussions that would transpire in this man’s personal life! But then again, Mister Cee put HIMSELF in the way for this opportunistic leech to take advantage of his wayward lusts and really should be the main one blamed for this embarrassing sideshow of a circus act.

I mean, a strange dude just picked up off of the streets?


Look, while I do care about Mister Cee the human being, this is definitely an addiction that I feel is a form of demonic possession for him to risk his wife’s health especially for an act that she could just as easily perform (Use a makeup pencil her face to look like a five o’clock shadow if you have to dude!).

Let this be a lesson for those individuals no matter what their fetish is! You have people out here who are predators and will do you in for a fleeting moment of internet fame without as much as hesitating to get the footage or recordings that can get them the narcissistic attention that they crave!

Listen, we ALL have specific things that turn us on and intoxicate us beyond measure that can oftentimes take us away from that sometimes elusive quality called common sense. But when we get so caught up in the pursuit of our carnal desires that all common sense is banished, then really that is the beginning of the end. We’ve all been there done that. Look at the amount of unplanned pregnancies that happen all because the feeling took over and somebody believed the lie of another when they said that they will only just “put the head in!”

Look at what happens when a man picked up a woman at the nightclub one night and didn’t bother to wrap it up with a condom because she said she was clean and has not been with anyone for two years yet later on in the week he felt that burning sensation at the tip of his dick and doesn’t know what in the hell to tell his wife who hinted to him that she wanted to make love that very same night.

We make CHOICES!

We take CHANCES!

…….and we always seem to end up going through CHANGES!

When we it ever end?

Some learn. Some don’t. Some wake up. Some won’t!

I think that if there was anything good that came out of this travesty is that it finally forced Mr. Cee to face his demons publicly no matter how painful and embarrassing this may have been. Whatever transpires for him after this in his life couldn’t be as traumatic as him confessing to all of his listeners on the air in the New York City Tri-State area that he really does love receiving oral sex from cross-dressers/transgendered individuals because this revelation alone could have been the one that would save his life!


Well, look at how Mr. BimboWineHouse reveled in his so called “victory lap” in being the one who broke the story of his very vindictive display of public humiliation. What if he was even MORE of a nut who wanted to stab Mr. Cee up and do the honors of recording that? What if “the act” really did take place and Mr. Bimbo was HIV positive?

So many things could have happened but at least after this happened to Mr. Cee at least he is still alive.

NOW! For all of you out there who are laughing and ridiculing this mans low point in life, understand that there are many cellphones out here that can record you TOO as you get into your particular kink and don’t even say that you can’t get caught like that because we ALL get horny and can have an insincere person in our midst to pull a BimboWineHouseTV on us!

Think not?

Why? Because you are not as public a figure as Mr. Cee?

Well, you don’t have to be famous darling to get “put out there like that”, as long as you have a job and a circle of friends then that will do just as good. Damage is damage and we all have those in our midst who wish to throw a negative curve into the little happiness that we have and no matter how low you may feel that you are on the totem pole of life know that haters are down there too!

Mister Cee & 50 Cent

You have them in churches, jobs, in your neighborhood and in your inner circle. Thank God that I was never put out there like that even though my particular area of freakishness was not the same as Mr. Cee’s.

But as I heard Mr. Cee crying on the audio I truly heard the pain coming through as the years of denial finally hit home for him. What scared me is that his state of mind appeared to be so far gone that I felt that he could be somewhat suicidal after he confessed a feeling that it was all over for him at the station and resigned from his position there. This was not a good sign at all and I would keep my eye on him at all times at this point if I were in his inner circle.

No one, and I do mean NO ONE, deserves to go through this type of humiliation no matter why I or anyone else feels about the indulgences that he has experienced that only HE must face when he meets his maker.

We must understand that he has a life, his family, friends and fans that care for him as well as the many who will only use this tragic revelation of his sexual struggle as just another joke to entertain themselves for the moment.

If I were Mr. Cee’s friend I would let him know that how he gets his thrills doesn’t matter to me and will never change how I view his friendship to me as long as he doesn’t get himself into trouble. The moral aspect and how he feels about his bisexuality can be dealt with at another time. Support is what he needs and I pray to God that he gets it!

He obviously made another major mistake. Let’s pray for his comfort and healing as well as his acceptance of who he is and that there is still life after this goes away.

As far as Mr. BimboWineHouseTV, what you did was wrong and you’re going to get your just due! Sure, Mr. Cee put himself in this position but YOU went the whole nine yards knowing good and damn well what the outcome will be! Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame because at the end of the day Karma is a BITCH! Remember that you little frog ass looking  ‘hood rat chicken head!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Fair & Balanced Brother,


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