Mister Cee’s Aids Health Public Service Announcement: Did He Come Out Or Was He Tossed Out?

We all know how (The Former?) Hot 97 DeeJay Mister Cee was put on blast by the infamous Internet Personality and Drag Queen BimboWineHouse on YouTube after their “almost” sexual encounter was recorded revealing some very incriminating down low dialogue from him.My question is, how is it that he has become the spokesperson and figurehead of being comfortable with ones sexuality when he got busted and arrested and in denial about it for quite some time?

That’s what many are wondering after viewing his Public Service Announcement for the AIDS Health Foundation where he is campaigning for safe sex and being comfortable with ones sexuality.

That’s like the Brothers in prison lock-down proclaiming to be into keeping their body healthy by working out but once free the gym is the last place that they ever want to see! They only got into working out because in a sense they had no choice when behind those prison walls. The temptations of the street showed everyone what they really were all about.Mister Cee is now in the same boat, NOW he wants to speak up about his belief in freedom of sexual expression after he had no choice to face it. But would he have stepped up to the plate to champion that cause if this incident didn’t happen?

Has the AIDS Health Foundation lost their mind? This is like believing in Bishop Eddie Long’s integrity when he says he wants to head a program that mentors young boys.
This is like taking Anthony Weiner’s word that every phone he purchases for his personal use from now on won’t have text messaging or photo capabilities.

And although Mister Cee does have a right to do want he wants to do in his private life, does this give him the right to put his wife (I believe he has one) and family at risk because of his secret fetish for random and strange drag queens to suck him off?Let’s hope that while he did push his wee-wee down these female impersonators throat that he wore a condom but I guess we will never really know that now would we?

But after being “outed” for his sexual indulgences that he was so uncomfortable in having to face, he now all of a sudden has become the torchbearer and champion for everyone who is closeted and mentally tortured for not being accepted for who they are.
My thing is why should I know what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom or the front seat of your car when it’s fully reclined while some wigged up five o’clock shadow sportin’ drag queen works on your stick shift?
It’s none of my business but it does become a public issue when you appear to be turning a situation that put you out there against your will into one that has you lying to the world in saying that we all should be comfortable with who we are! I mean, those crocodile tears that you had flow in abundance on Hot 97 last week haven’t even dried yet and now you are the one spearheading a cause?
…….at what point did you decide this because I damn sure didn’t hear the Theme From Rocky playing as you got it together with your one arm sexual push ups and broken eggs in the glass of discipline to become an icon of safe sex!
The bottom line?
Dude, it was just last week that you were cruising the streets of Manhattan searching for some head from a random Drag Queen and you found the right one who put you out there BIG TIME! Now you are a spokesperson for safe sex and embracing your sexual self? This was a pure money move and a weak attempt at damage control no matter which way you slice it!
It also grants Mister Cee a whole lot of protection and Oral Support….Oops…I mean moral support that next time he gets caught with his pants down in pursuit of what he considers the ultimate release.
Now let’s get this straight, I’m NOT knocking Mister Cee for WHAT he does but I’m definitely blowing him up (Bad choice of words, that didn’t sound right!) for the hypocrisy that he is trying to pass off to us as growth. I’m not buying it and I know that most who know the situation ain’t buying it either!
So if you fell for the “okee-doke” of Mister Cee and the AIDS Health Foundation then I suggest that you petition Bishop Eddie Long to move forward with that Mentoring Program for Boys and send your kids and donations there also…….
How stupid do they think we are?
Peace & Righteous Love Always,
Your Hard To Deceive Brother,


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