Misty Copeland’s Mother Tells Her Story: “All I Ever Wanted To Be Was A Good Mother!”

Misty Copeland – her rise is undeniable.

From her humble beginnings growing up to becoming the New York Ballet Theatre’s second Black Soloist, her meteoric rise is nothing short of phenomenal.

Of course there would be the barriers of race there that she had to successfully overcome through hard work and discipline.

But just as her natural God given talents and abilities have been exalted regardless of her race – sheer skill always stands head and shoulders above the rest – the not too pretty details of her childhood have been put out for the world to taste in a bittersweet fashion.

It has been said that everyone has their side of an experience to share, and in this case truer words couldn’t have been spoken better.

While Misty Copeland has an absolute right to share her experiences growing up to shed herself from the pain of what she went through, allow us to see both sides of the same coin from a different perspective in allowing the words of Misty Copeland’s Mother to be added to the blend of what many will potential amplify into falsehood.

Through personal experience and observation, the powers that be in the mainstream media and entertainment industry seem to thrive on showcasing the negative aspects of ones life which can be destructive to all involved in the long run as opposed to reporting a fair and balanced portrait of what has really transpired long before the stagelights glared and makeup was applied.

Misty Copeland’s new memoir, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, paints her Mother – Sylvia DelaCerna – as an irresponsible character over and above any mistakes in her judgment that she admits she is guilty of.

In this episode of The LanceScurv Show Misty’s Mother, Sylvia DelaCerna, details her story which adds a very interesting twist to the very same story that is shared by Misty that fills in the gaps that the upcoming Hollywood screen biopic seeks to exploit.

There is always a reason for everything that has happened in our lives and as a child it’s difficult to embrace the full picture no matter how much we can recall as fact.

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