Mitt Romney, Ron Paul & President Barack Obama Can’t Do For You What You Refuse To Do For Yourself!

It amazes me in the technologically advanced world that we live in that we still get so caught up in this “game” called politics that we abandon all other more effective and direct means of change in our personal lives!

It’s almost as though most of us are sitting down like sheep wanting to be led to the promised land by these politicians who don’t have anyone’s best interest in mind except their own!

Who woke you up this morning? Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney

Who gave you the gift of life? Ron Paul?

Who has continued to give you health and strength and who do you pray to when it falters? President Barack Obama?


It’s the God above and you know it but why is it that we get so beat up over the smoke and mirror policies of those to whom we hope will occupy our most influential political offices in the land?

You act as though there is no power higher than those who we deem as the rulers of this political world.

As you have figured out by now, I do not put too much faith in the political process and I guess the reason why is that all of my life whenever I wanted to bring about any major positive change I would go over and above the head of any politician right to the source of where it all came from. GOD!

But it seems like these days as the masses have been so deceived to believe that politics, party affiliation and who gets into office is the only way to make anything happen in their world!

Ron Paul

First off, they need to get their minds out of the media and learn to think for themselves!

If you’ve eaten corn with every meal this week then why would it surprise you to see corn in the bowl behind you after answering a call to nature, so how can you expect to be an independent thinker when you’ve been consuming the mind altering poison that comes from Fox News, CNN and Headline News?

This is why it is very hard for me to have a real conversation with a talking head who spouts off at the mouth with every opportunity the things that they have been indoctrinated with from the television set or whatever cyber source that they choose to exalt as the truth.

That in itself as far as I am concerned has been an uphill battle and one that I choose to avoid because not only is it a waste of time but it’s an energy draining endeavor to say the least. I mean, for the most part, here we have two or more blue collar individuals fighting hard in a conversation over who will bring about the most results in politics while those same candidates are hanging out somewhere living a life of luxury not even thinking about the common man to whom would probably give life and limb to ensure their political victory!

Seems to me like it’s a one sided love affair and you KNOW how those go!

Revolution means change.

…….and change as far as I am concerned starts at the base, the root, with the people.

We all have the power to make a major collective change in our world but again, we have been duped into thinking that an real or effective movement in the improvement department must come from City Hall, the State Capitol or Washington D.C.

President Barack Obama

So what you are telling me if this is your way of thinking is that you can’t go out and sweep you curb, cut your grass and spruce up your property without the permission of your elected official? Well you put so much energy and effort into turning yourself into a walking billboard for THEIR campaign that you’ve neglected to do just THAT with YOUR property and this is why it looks as unkempt as it does!

You want a particular elected official to help to manipulate the factors to help RAISE your property value but you have sadly overlooked the biggest factor in doing so and do not even realize that YOU are the one who is empowered to do so!

How sad.

Uncut Grass

Health care?

Here you are smoking, drinking, eating BAD FOOD and you are so caught up in what the Health Care policies are that each candidate will bring but if you had a standard in your OWN personal life about how you are to take care of yourself PROPERLY, you probably wouldn’t EVER have to SEE the inside of a hospital unless you had an unfortunate accident but never for an ailment that proper personal healthcare could have PREVENTED!

…….and you call yourself an independent thinker? HA! Go back and suck on the nipple of Fox News and allow that propaganda the ability to rent space in YOUR mind! Me? I’ve got too much change to initiate at the ground level in my life every single day!

I really hate to say this but even back in the times of legal slavery (And you better believe that most of us are slaves right now to SOME system that we are unaware of!), we had more unity amongst ourselves and more of a collective single minded purpose. Why? We ALL had the slave masters whip on our backs and in this we viewed ourselves much more as one even though Willie Lynch had permeated the thinking of many of us at that time. But with that being said, we didn’t have any idle time because we were out there in the field trying to get it everyday. If you didn’t cultivate the crops, you didn’t eat!

…….And we did all of this while under the threat of death because we were nothing more than property to a mindset straight from the bowels of hell itself!

Now that mindset and agenda has never changed, it has only morphed into something that goes unseen while we feel as though everything is okay and these politicians love us so much as they kiss our babies for a vote but turn their backs on that same child and jump for joy when that child grows into an arrested juvenile to fuel the money making machine of the State in order for that politician to enjoy the affluent lifestyle that YOUR VOTE gave them!

You can drink the Kool-Aid if you want to, but I know that as I approach the half century mark on this earth nothing has really changed as far as the game is concerned and we have been the biggest hindrances in our own progress!

Kool Aid

Yet when many read the words on my blog they want to paint me as some radical nut but it is guys like me who are the fearless spirited warriors who will always boldly put it out there while others hide somewhere off in the distance only to suffer while knowing what I am sharing is the absolute truth!

So as the elections once again roll around and your local roads are fixed up so that you can feel once again that some kind of progress is being made, understand that YOU have the power to improve your life, your community and your WORLD as your Father God NEVER required you to speak to Him through a self appointed middle man because He prefers to deal with you DIRECT!

It is a sick minded individual who feels that to get to change they must contact a politician who never answers their calls unless it is a good enough photo opportunity or that to get to the God that resides inside of them that they must wait until the Pastor of their House Of Carnal Worship has enough time to TOLERATE the whining and crying that you bring when the answers are ALL RIGHT THERE in the Holy Scripture if they would only humble themselves to get down on their knees to pray and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Holy Bible

But we are all too quick to symbolically get down on our knees to eagerly suck the poison ejaculate that these politicians happily spew forth deep into the ever accommodating orifice of our minds only to later on run about the face of the earth preaching a word that is really a lie doomed from the start because we have been impregnated with the agenda of one who means us no good except to extract our life force for their agenda!

…….as the years roll by you will see this to be the truth. But until then, I have to go and cut my grass, watch my diet and maintain MY life according to divine law.

God “don’t like no” middleman watering down His word and I am quite alright with that!

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul & President Barack Obama can’t do for you what you refuse to do for yourself!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Radical Brother,


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