Mizante’ & Lance Scurv: “Imperfectly Genuine”

On a laid back relaxing afternoon this week, Mizante’ & Lance Scurv engaged each other in a few moments of conversation that touched on a few perspectives in life.

This in actuality is the introduction to a regular series of conversations that will address questions from our family of viewers who may want answers from a perspective that only Mizante’ and Scurv could furnish. and while they do not claim to know everything, between the both of them and their many years of experiences living on this plane it is almost certain that they can help answer most of your inquiries in a most effective and entertaining way.

And if you just choose to lay back and enjoy our weekly offerings then feel free to do that also! Just make sure to be here! For call in questions and comments (407-590-0755) we will announce on Facebook, Twitter and when we will be videotaping so we can have you participate live in our conversation for the world to hear!

Thanks for stopping by…….


Mizante’ & Lance Scurv

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