Mizante’ On Deception

It was a pleasantly warm Thursday morning in downtown Orlando, a perfect time to stroll down the narrow streets to see the people going about their lives in their chosen form of festive release.

It was at this time that our beloved Mizante’ shared her words amidst that very atmosphere on the topic of deception. As always in her free flowing deliciously layered truthful style, she went deep as she gently spoke from the soul to encompass truths that we all have been somewhat guilty of in our walk in this lifetime one way or another.

It is because of that quality why I find the masses respond so well to Mizante’ because she can be so brutally honest yet make the cutting truth actually feel good. She truly reflects God’s unconditional love in her expressions and I suggest you really take the time to “feel” her words as well as the raw divine power behind them.

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