Mizante Speaks On The Morning Before The Casey Anthony Verdict: “Death Is Certain To Our Nation!”

When our Creator speaks through His chosen, we must listen.

Mere hours before the “Not Guilty” verdict was rendered in the Casey Anthony case in Orlando Florida, our beloved Mizante’ was moved to speak and used in a divine fashion in front of the Orange County Courthouse to share an urgent message to our nation about an outlook, mindset and way of raising our children that has truly fallen off of the mark of what is acceptable.

While this message may reference the African-American community several times within, it really is a message to the entire world.

As Mizante so beautifully and urgently said – “Death Is Certain To Our Nation If We Do Not teach Our Children!”

You can’t get any more direct than that, and in my personal conversations with this fine example of what a true Lady should be, I have learned to view many different situations in ways that I have never thought of before. In other words, Mizante righteously spews a wisdom that is sadly lacking in our communities today, and if would only heed this message wholeheartedly, we would turn away from the deadly path that we are heading down in such a swift manner and redirect the trajectory that has only death and decadence waiting for us as its only reward.

Trust me, there is no terrorist attack that can hurt us from the outside as much as we are hurting ourselves from within by neglecting our children. We are killing our future by not taking the time to cultivate a righteous God fearing spirit, therefore guaranteeing a world left better off than we met it when we got here…….and while it is not too late to turn the tide, we really don’t have any more time to waste.

The time for taken action is right now as we should heed Mizante’s call…….:


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