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The major cause of strife in a relationship whether two are married or living together sharing the responsibility of maintaining a roof over their heads together, has been proven to be the misunderstanding in all things financial.

It’s a very touchy subject indeed when you really think about it.

We seem to be so open and enthusiastic when first getting together with someone on the sexual level, but we don’t seem to be so keen on delving not only into the reality of our feelings toward money and our individual earning power even though it may be even more important than the bliss of our next orgasm.

Communication is key in this area of our lives and for the most part the sad relationship statistics show that we aren’t talking as much as we should early on which forces us to deal with it after the fact in a messy breakup.

So why is it that we throw caution to the wind when it’s time to face our deepest feelings and money management habits with out significant other especially when this is the area that will most likely bring us the most stress?

Money Dealings

That delicious eye rolling toe curling orgasm that your man gave to you orally as you were awakened to the sensations that seemed to be delivered straight from the heavens above won’t make you love him one iota more when you discovered that he gambled away the already late rent money on what appeared to be a sure bet.

On the same token that man who fell in love with that drop dead voluptuous woman at the club will find out the other side of the coin after they move in together and has to foot the bill for those weekly shopping sprees of hers that HE can’t afford.

Money, whether we want to face it or not should be the FIRST thing that we deal with between the intense love sessions indulged in if we really want to take our mate seriously to go to the next logical adult level of cohabitation.

Understand that while that potential life partner may possess some irresistible adornments on a mental, physical and spiritual level, it means nothing until you speak frankly about their financial rap-sheet before letting them into your world.

…….and this my friend goes both ways.

If you do not have a proper personal foundation with your finances in solid fashion then you should not even be seeking a mate to bring into your life unless you are merely looking to use them to make up for what you lack.

This is where I want to go with this specific program as we need to dialogue on what needs to be done to be ready for a lifetime partner or marriage so that a sad reality doesn’t later sneak up on us to ruin the bliss that love can bring.

You see, it’s not that much fun being wrapped up tight under the covers with the person who YOU THOUGHT was soul-mate while shivering hard because you couldn’t afford that heating bill for the month.

Making love under the cover of darkness should really be by choice but when it’s the only option because the light bill wasn’t paid then things won’t feel so romantic at all.

Too many solid relationships have eroded and collapsed over time because both parties involve had completely different thoughts on money management and the discipline needed to manifest a common ground on how their financial obligations should be handled.

We need to get to the root of how we feel about money on an overall level and come to some understanding on how we will deal with the real world issues and unexpected mishaps that life will throw at us to cause our shaky foundations to make us lose out on a good thing that could have been salvaged.

We need to ask some very pertinent questions before singing on the dotted line for that marriage license, mortgage or apartment lease:

What are our credit scores?

What debts do we have individually?

How responsible have we been in the past with paying our bills on time?

Do we have a weakness in not being able to control ourselves with a store full of great sales around us at the mall and a pocket full of credit cards?

Do we lose sight of our financial expectations when our feelings get the best of us when life hits us hard to tempt us to go on a shopping spree to ease the pain?

The questions can go on forever just like the sob stories of divorces and breakups all because of our living in denial on the issue of money.

I find it so funny that we can open up ourselves with a person sexually and freely share our fluids and orifices yet not know anything about the basic ideals that they have on the single most important and overriding factor in living a secure and satisfying life with someone.

Let us share our wisdom, mishaps and horror stories to motivate all involved to think before getting entangled in somebody else’s mess!

Time: Friday November 1, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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ATTENTION: There will be a “Late Nights with LanceScurv” open discussion styled show to begin immediately after this program ends beginning at 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time at at the same call in number continuing until 4 a.m. EST.

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