Money Means Nothing Without Power And Control!

Why is it that we have to be under this oppressive system in order to succeed and why can’t we be independent and reach our goals without compromising our power and control?

The fact of the matter is that we don’t have to be under this system and we can succeed independently without giving up the control and power that comes from our unity and support.

Why is it that we have to go to someone else to make it big in the world when we are the people with the talent creatively and ability in all aspects of business?

We as a people have had a serious game played on our minds and I truly wonder how long it will be before we wake up to realize how much power we actually have and squander away because we are disconnected from reality.

Mental Enslavement - Power

We spend so much money and have more financial strength than most countries of the world even though we do not own much of where we stand right now.

Isn’t that pathetic?

We can’t expect for those who we’ve given the reigns of control over us to kindly hand them back because they’ve decided to be so nice and give them back to us because it’s the right thing to do!

They will continue to ride us and suck from us like leeches because it is us who have allowed them to get the free ride that they’ve enjoyed for ever since we could remember.

In sports, music, entertainment and so many other specialized areas of expertise we’ve freely given our strengths to them for pennies on the damn dollar and still we move in fear of being fired from their jobs and positions that we’ve mastered for their uplifting and benefit.

Pope Religion Slaves - Power

It’s because we never understood that “the hand that writes your check is the hand that controls you.”

We need to snatch that control back because ultimately we are worth more to ourselves on the open market as opposed to making our oppressor the middle man where he gets a HUGE GROSS while we get a MINISCULE NET return after he has put his hands all up in it and decides how little he’ll toss our way.

But first before we can make any progress in changing the game the way it is we will first have to alter our thinking and get our egos in check or it will never work.

What I mean by this is that we are going to have to deal with the fear that many of us have in leaving the old order and into a new way of doing things because too many of us feel that we cannot make it outside of the existing order that gives us very little in return.

The sad fact is that many of us know that we are getting the shorter end of the stick on these jobs and we still have settled for what crumbs are thrown our way because of the lack of confidence that we have in our own God given abilities that everyone else benefits and exploits for their advancement except us.

Marcus Garvey - Power

Many of us claim to truly believe in a mighty God and will profess how blessed and highly favored we are while at the same time showing absolutely no faith to remain in the rut of a life that we are suffering in these jobs and our lack of passion to achieve.

Could you imagine how much of a joke we are to the people who we give the unlimited open access to freely exploiting our talents for their profit without us having the balls to move our mouth to say a mumbling word?

Not only that, but when many of us do reach a measure of power and control in our own business and creative affairs, we can destroy the momentum to uplift the masses when our egos get involved and jealousies creep in to make us not see ourselves as a one unit but as an individual who can personally benefit from the struggle of our people.

So we’ve got several huge obstacles as a people to get over if we are truly going to make it to freedom in this world anytime soon.

new world order all seeing eye pyramid dollar - power

We have got to become selfless and see our success in the long term and not in any immediate personal gain or quick profit.

We’ve got to move slowly and surely even if it means us not seeing the ultimate victory in our lifetimes, but in the lifetimes of our children.

Other races of people knew that to invest in the minds of their youth would secure the victory of having true independence, power and control over every facet of their lives as long as they stuck to the program of being self sufficient as a race of people.

We’ve also have got to stop being in denial about how this ingrained system of White Supremacy will continue without hesitation until the Black man and Woman are totally exterminated off of the face of the earth.

Genocide Thanksgiving Day - Power

This doesn’t mean that we are at war with White people or any other race of people who walk the earth, but if anyone supports the system that threatens our existence then they must be made to understand their role in it before we consider them an enemy.

That being said, many, if not MOST of our own Black people are our their own enemy because they willingly support the very system that has been in place for so long that will eventually wipe them off the face of this earth in a smooth methodical fashion.

Understand that just because we have a few entertainers and artificially manufactured corporate Caucasian power broker approved so called Black leaders in our midst, that this doesn’t equate success or an elevated progress for the masses of us who are statistically doing far worse than when we struggled in the bowels of the civil rights movement many decades ago.

It’s that slow burn effect of our destruction that causes many of us to not see that we are not getting anywhere in this system and ideology.

Whatever the power brokers in the various industries that we break our neck to succeed in seem to afford us – as far as some small amenity of what we think is progress – there are countless other measures that are executed to hold us back even more so.

We have got to resist the temptation to grab the bait of their money when they offer it to us which will only change our mission of liberation into one of a personal gain that will only last as long as you remain content being muzzled from speaking out.

Jewish Mogul Culture Vultures - Power

You see, it’s not more money that we need at this point, it’s power and control.

The way in which we handle money is exactly like that bucket that’s discovered to have plenty of holes in it after you attempt to fill it up for a particular task.

Giving an undisciplined foolish people more money will only aid those who are set up to benefit from the extra funds that we bring to them which makes us only appear more inept.

It will do nothing for us except to make someone else rich while we merely accrue a cluttered house or dusty garage full of shiny depreciating junk.

To have power an control over our own destiny ensures that we can divinely guide ourselves as we choose without exploitation into the future while forcing the world to respect us.

God blesses the child who has his own?

Isn’t that what they say?

Then if that’s the case we will never be blessed begging another who hates us for the crumbs off of his table.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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