The Negroes we recognize by name and we see in media are hand-picked for their platforms because they possess the characteristics of the subjects whom have been successfully indoctrinated and brainwashed by the inherently evil people in control of this matrix beast system. They are loyal to their supremacist bosses who sign his checks that keep him in his comfortable, illusive bubble of freedom which breeds his boastful arrogance and woeful ignorance. The supremacist utilizes their power and resources to institute systems, incorporate agendas and use social and behavioral engineering to maintain control through oppression, subversion and manipulation.


The negro panders to his oppressors and appeals to his dumbed down audience of fellow mentally comatose, still sleep sheeple. Their minds are too feeble to contemplate what contributions he can make to repair the existing disparities and tensions which have adversely affected the men who closely resemble his melanated complexion and physical characteristics. He would rather promote his cowardice to avoid taking a stand and utilizing his platform and few seconds of fame to speak up and out. He represents and reinforces the success of using powerful oppressive indoctrination tools to create the collective, “hive-mind” consciousness- only capable of functioning on the lowest levels of communication and basic brain function.

This indoctrination affects the way we think, the way we behave and function, as well as the way we perceive the world around us. They employ puppets and brainwashed mules whom they can rely on to keep the individual mind distracted to facilitate agendas that continues to enslave us systematically. The collective mind cannot process complex ideologies or dissect complicated theories. The “hive-mind” mentality only processes rudimentary ideas. The “group-think” mind stays distracted and focused on strife, discord, instability and stress. Or, it produces temperaments complacent on accepting contrived deterrents of progress, idolizing frivolous trends and materialism, while trivializing real issues.


Post-modern mind control engineering now uses social media to cultivate narcissists- addicted to selfies, attention and likes, with a huge need to feed the ego (demon). It’s not by coincidence, Its strategically done by design. They have cultivated zombies who prefer to augment reality by chasing invisible monsters through games like Pokemon Go. Zombies, who are distracted by our Facebook timelines and trending Instagram feeds, who are disillusioned by how many celebrities we idolize, follow and retweet to recognize that changes must be made–immediately.

Only the individual mind can utilize logic to critically analyze the pervasive problems plaguing our society. Only the cognitive mind is capable of recognizing the injustices and will choose to make rational assessments, produce succinct solutions, ideas and thought forms which serve to vanquish the systems which keep them oppressed. But hey, if the statistics that purport the notion that we have become so dumbed down that our attention spans don’t allow for us to read anything that exceeds 140 characters are true, this won’t be read anyway.

The words above were submitted by a contributor who preferred to remain anonymous. Thank you for such a powerful expression!

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