Most Of Us Are Living Under One Layer Of Deception On Top Of Another!

Living under a layer of deception is extremely fashionable in this day and age as it is rare when you can find anyone who is authentic, genuine or confident enough to be themselves.

As a matter of fact, no one expects anyone to be without deception in their outward presentation to the world and when they do find anyone who truly “keeps it real” it is quite a shock indeed.

What a stress that must be to move about the face of the earth with so many masks to wear and so many different acts to play out.

Face Behind The Mask

We act a certain way with one set of friends but will turn around and manifest a completely different persona on another stage to a totally different audience.

It has gotten to the point where so many of us don’t even know who we’ve become anymore because we’ve lost ourselves in that sad vast sea of personalities and some of us will never come back to who we really are because we are too far gone.

We can live an entire life as someone other than who we really are for a multitude of reasons but I find it commonplace that it’s mainly because we don’t think we are good enough to measure up to some imaginary standard as we are. So we happily throw our unique sense of individuality to the wayside and trade it in for another mass produced persona that seems to be universally accepted by the masses as we now compete to see who is the best “cookie cutter” cheap imitation of some celebrity, entertainer, athlete or star.

The funny part about this is that this false image that the world may see in that one to whom they work so hard to emulate is that THEIR public personality is manufactured and fake also! So those of us who have given up on being our beautiful selves have embraced a plastic lifeless identity that will rob us of those authentic moments in our personal lives that are so priceless and genuine. We have become nothing more than identical mannequins stripped of all flavor riding on the assembly line of life in a numb insensitive fashion all because of the deep rooted insecurities that we’ve embraced most of our lives.


Confidence is feigned and most know this because they too have based their identity on who can hide their insecurity more effectively while looking for weakness in one another instead of focusing solely on oneself for a true long lasting sense of self improvement.

We cover ourselves in the latest fashions in an attempt to deceive those to whom we are trying so hard to impress, as though they won’t eventually figure out the scam that is being played on their senses.

We run to invest much more money than we should in the latest hairstyles as though that will improve the quality of our thoughts under that chemical mess that we put so much faith in.

We have almost become like that devious fruit and vegetable store owner who sells a box of beautiful ripe strawberries only for the buyer to discover that only the strawberries placed on top were desirable while those covered were all unripe or even rotten.

We have become like that guy who takes public transportation to the expensive ritzy club shaking his fake Bentley car keys and being very successful in picking up the multiple gullible women who fall for his game.

Bentley Keys

I can go on forever with those examples but the sad part of it all is that in a world such as this we have to understand that we are surrounded by the illusions that people project and not who they really are!

You have many people out here who are afraid of ghosts but never realize that they are dealing with ghosts in the form of that transparent projection that has not one iota of authenticity to it at all. Then, when they are revealed you have to go back over your every memory of them to realize that it was a ghost all along!

It made me think on how many relationships are on shaky ground where the participants don’t even realize it yet until the first bit of stress comes to snatch the covers off of the truth? Some of you who are together right now feeling very much in love are not even in love with your true mate because you don’t even know who they are. You are in love with an imposter but not the real individual.

Frightening thought but oh so true!

Love me or hate me I cannot do this to myself or to the God that gave me life!

I have to be myself because if I’m not and people like me then they don’t like me for me but for the false persona that I’ve given to them! It is such a great feeling when my community acknowledges me for the REAL me as I know that their love is authentic and not because of some well crafted image that I fooled them with.

This reminds me of an incident before one of my speaking engagements up in New Jersey back in 2009, the young lady who was in charge of arranging the affair asked me a few hours before I was to go onstage if I needed any time to “practice” or “rehearse” what I was going to share with the college students. I found this to be very amusing as I told her that I didn’t have to practice to be “me!” LOL!

The College Of New Jersey Speech Poster

But the realization hit me at that exact moment that I have been blessed to always be myself and stay true to myself in every situation that I encountered in my life as this was above and beyond any blessing that I could have received from the Heavens!


…….because only when you are truly yourself as you move about the face of the earth in your path can you truly absorb the full spectrum of the joy of life.

Then I thought to myself how painful it must be to live an entire lifetime and never give yourself the opportunity to share yourself with the world and be loved for who YOU are rather than how close you can come to being that already prepared fantasy standard that someone else has for you to live up to.

Never that!

I believe too many people say that they are “keeping it real” while never knowing what the meaning of the phrase really means.

Don’t let those layers of deception stop you from knowing what real living is all about.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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