Mother Of Two Set Up By Her Dollar Tree Co-Worker To Robbed & Killed For Her Tax Refund Money!

I believe that we as Black people have sunk to a new level of lows in our decadence than we ever have in the vast recorded history of us. What else could explain how a person could kill off another for what I would call chump change in order to have some cash to most likely spend it out on foolishness?

Well if you think that this is something that is made up then take the case of Wilkinsburg Pennsylvania’s Keiauna Lynette Davis, 27, a hard working woman and mother of two children who worked at the Dollar Tree and was set up to be robbed and eventually killed by the accomplices of her co-worker, 21 year old Alana Whitley who found out about the tax refund money that her grandmother was going to bring to her that same very day. Alana’s friend Dane James Taylor was contacted by her via text message to immediately set Keiauna up to be robbed that day with the help of the getaway driver 23 year old Kajin Xavier Scott.

What in the world is causing us to act out in such a manner and what could be done to breathe life into our people overall?

Here is the CrowdFunding page that will allow you to donate to help the family of Keiauna Lynette Davis.

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