Motivation 101: Unbridled Emotion Is Not Enough To Secure Success!

These words are for someone out here. I never question when I am inspired to write something, I merely roll with it and let the divine forces of the universe take over to do its thing.

Like a wind stream that pushes an airplane to its destination much earlier than its intended arrival time, maybe these words will help to manifest your destiny in a stronger more enhanced manner than if you didn’t absorb them at all.

As I woke up this morning, the word “motivation” continued to surface from deep in the back of my subconscious mind and I hadn’t a clue. Many view my personal life as a textbook example of what motivation is all about, I don’t know about that but I take their word for it.


I never claimed to be the grand master of sustained motivation but one thing I will tell you is that I’m pretty good at keeping it once I have it!

One thing I can tell you is that having motivation in great amounts is a wonderful thing. It’s worth more than any amount of money in the entire world because there is no amount of money that could ever purchase it when you don’t have it.

Having motivation is one of the most intoxicating feelings in the entire world because it is the fuel that will bring you into any reality that you so crave.

With a great plan in your mind in detail as well as having the desire to submit to learning your craft wholeheartedly, having great motivation will power you through any dry spots of doubt that may be thrown your way from the outside entities who take your motivation as an insult to their stagnation state of non productivity.

But the sad thing is that there are times when you must shroud you enthusiasms from the masses because many of them will covet your drive and do anything to halt your progress because of the lack of motivation that they possess.

They will come to you in the spirit of false appreciation for your accomplishments, but deep down inside are merely patiently waiting for the time to thwart your ascension if the opportunity presents itself. Never be fooled into thinking that someone has proven their loyalty to your cause merely because they have logged in many years as a so called friend. When you look at how terrorists operate, they can have “sleeper cells” lay dormant for many years before acting on command in seconds to reek havoc when the opening to do so arrives.

Sleeper Cells

So cultivate your motivation like that hard earned fire that you made while camping in the woods that will keep you warm and cook your food. For it is easy for the winds of doubt to blow on in and blow your motivational fires out if you allow it to have free reign over your flames.

Be careful of who you have around you and be even more careful of who you share your plans and projections with. When you have the need to do so, never reveal all, keep your intentions to yourself and they can never fully be sabotaged.

The great initial motivation felt means nothing without a life of order. If one cannot execute any semblance of structure into their life then all of the enthusiasm in the world will only be as effective as spinning tires in the sand going nowhere.

You cannot be one to contain your motivation for very long for it to do any good consistently to you if you hold on tight to the energy leaks that we have in the form of vices.

For you to amplify the motivation that you already have, your every moment must be utilized to form the strategies that will bring on success while the others drink their liquor and live a sexually immoral life. Not only those two examples will sink the strongest ship, but emotions out of control can be just as damaging.

Anger, greed, jealousy, slothfulness, narcissism, hate, gluttony, lust and all of the other mindsets that are in direct opposition to the “fruits of the spirit” will drain down the spirit of motivation that once swelled so abundantly in your competitors hearts.

Motivation Beer Can

Focus and time management are other very important addendum’s to keeping your enthusiasm high as the ability to slow time down to get even more done is possible if we would focus on using every precious second instead of taking time for granted. This is how some of us get even more done than others. There is no secret except to be in a constant state of “pressing forward” with your goals no matter WHERE you are physically at the moment. Your mind is a very powerful weapon to be used to continue moving toward your goals with your extreme motivation being the fuel behind the eventual victory.

Many people ask me “where do I get the time” to work two jobs, produce at least three talk shows per week that last three hours each, write an article everyday for my blog, edit videos that I shoot daily and draw an illustration at least once a week. On top of that I must do the usual chores that us married men must do, home repairs, mowing the lawn, taking the garbage out and painting your wife’s toes! Maybe some of you don’t have to do the toes but if the secret of you being an artist gets out then believe me, you WILL be painting your significant others toe nails! LOL!

But on a more serious note, I have the same amount of time in my day like anyone else, twenty four hours to be exact. But the trick is knowing how to harness your motivational spirit by mastering the art of multitasking. Doing so doubles you time that you have in reserve if you can do two things at the same time! Think about it, if you could do four things at a time then you have quadrupled your time! Isn’t this wonderful? So imagine if you could multitask on a schedule where you knew what was coming up to do next and were already mentally prepared to ease into that lane?

Bernard Hopkins Staredown

So all in all, having great motivation is a wonderful start but without the mental control and emotional maturity required to stay the course to manifest ones dreams into reality, it is like trying to fill a bucket up with water that has many holes…….it just won’t ever happen!

Protect yourself at all times doesn’t only pertain to boxing matches, it also means that you are to guard against all kinds of attacks, seen and unseen, in this glorious walk called life!

…….because at the end of the day when the scorecards of our lives are added up, not everyone would have done enough with the cards that they were dealt with to be able to say that they left a legacy.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Forever Motivated Brother,



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