Mr. Spock R.I.P: Actor Leonard Nimoy Passes At Age 83! – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv shares his most precious memories and thoughts on the late iconic actor Leonard Nimoy (1931 – 2015) who is otherwise known by his role in the groundbreaking television series Star Trek as Mr. Spock.


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  • Gatta Harmon says:

    R.I.P Leonard Nimoy

  • Kevin Hawkins says:

    Lance,On December 11, 1967, several months before “Plato’s Stepchildren,” Nancy Sinatra starred in a TV special called “Movin’ with Nancy.” The special was directed by Jack Haley, Jr. and showcased Nancy traveling around, i.e. driving a car, strolling along the California countryside, riding in a hot-air balloon, and singing different songs. Her dad, Frank Sinatra, makes a guest appearance near the end and sings “Younger Than Springtime.” Nancy’s god-uncle Dean Martin also makes an appearance, singing a duet with Nancy (“Things”) and a solo (“Just Bummin’ Around”). But it is in the second half of “Movin’ with Nancy” that television history was made. In this segment, Sammy Davis, Jr. joins Nancy, playing a photographer who snaps various photos of her as she sings “What’d I Say.” Sammy dances around, mugs for the camera, and clicks away. Then, at the end of the bit, Sammy gives Nancy a quick little kiss on the cheek. There is nothing sexual about the kiss; it is obviously a kiss of great affection, the affection of two close friends (which they were).According to Nancy, the apparently spontaneous kiss was actually carefully planned. She had Sammy shoot the scene late in the day, knowing he had to leave to get to another job, thus making it impossible for the brass to ask for a re-take sans the kiss.And so, television history was made- the first-ever interracial kiss.The Star Trek kiss, nonetheless, does hold its own place in TV history, as the very first scripted interracial kiss in a TV series.YouTube Link:

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