Muhammad Ali Tells Floyd Mayweather: “You’re NOT The Greatest!” – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv does his best Muhammad Ali impersonation and channels the champ’s charismatic style to tell Floyd Mayweather why he’s not The Greatest!

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  • donta moss says:

    Sounds like another hater who cares if u are entertained or not u have to
    understand boxing there is no fighter on floyd level right now thats why
    the fight seems boring but it was manny that didn’t do shit and u know it
    so stop hating on floyd and get in line with all the rest of the people
    thats just mad because floyd is young rich and flashy lol TMT TBE

  • donta moss says:

    And floyd hit him twice as many times so u do the math TBE

  • donta moss says:

    Lol this is boxing buddy u hit and not get hit that was the part that the
    great Ali forgot to do and thats no knock to him I love ali but floyd made
    manny look like a average fighter now keep it 100 u know it to

  • iorge Martinez says:

    Hahaha dont compare yourself to other fighter’s and specially to real fighter’s

  • edupbeat says:

    O and another thing, counting a mans $, is just childish. The dude does numerous things for the poor in urban vegas, of course this doesn’t get attention. That “he don’t do nothing for black folk” talk is ridiculous. This is America, shit you’re not allowed to. That’s why we need to practice GROUP economics instead of looking for singular examples of wealth within our race. That singular entity can be eliminated cause well, it’s not a group practice.

  • edupbeat says:

    How is Floyd a “well trained monkey” when he owns his own company &generates the income that he does? Agree with most of your vids but Floyds talking about his accomplishments INSIDE the ring! Comparatively speaking, the man is about right! Only black people who don’t know shit about boxing are saying this. I think it’s a deep resentment of his $ personally. O and another thing, it was a lotta black folks that WERENT on the side of Ali during his stance, (in coons voice”that Ali causing trouble fo us”)of course those same people are praising him now and would never admit that.

  • Sonya Wright says:

    Ali will always be regarded as the greatest heavyweight champion of all times inside the ring and out for his skills and love for his people. Floyd, not so much.

  • donta moss says:

    Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but until someone beats him he is the best period

  • Jacqueline Fountain says:

    I just want to say thank you Mr. Ali for those words. I hope that someone will give these words to mayweather. That there can only be just one, and its not him.

  • leilani dupree says:

    another great video!

  • donta moss says:

    If u look at what I wrote I said the greatest fighter and if you have beaten every one that you have face that was champion then what does that make u brother ? Ali was great inside and outside the ring not everyone wants to be a role model and clearly floyd dont care

  • Nomadunlimited says:

    LOL did’nt expect the last part coming

  • donta moss says:

    that was cute but Floyd is the real deal bro I love ali but he was not undefeated when he left the sport flody is the greatest fighter of all time period………

  • Jack Gully says:

    Floyd is a fool. And he’s a professional track star

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