Music, Entertainment & Television: The New Narcotic!

Our world today is so much different than what it was 30 years ago. And if truth be told, it has changed  even more so  within the last ten years!

Although positive change is always welcomed and also inevitable, the quality of life that was once there has diminished so far below the higher standard of yesteryear that it’s a wonder that our society  can even find new ways to sink even lower!

I hardly ever watch television these days and marvel at the fact that with literally hundreds of available channels to view, most times there is hardly anything of quality and of a usable substance to watch. If I am to be accused of living in the past then so be it, but when all we had was channel 2,4,5,7,9,11 & 13, the programming was so fulfilling and entertaining!

You and your loved ones could sit around the television set in the living room and be entertained wholesomely  without the fear of profanity being spoken or the shock of someone exposing themselves and being so bold as to share freakish acts that they like to perform behind closed doors in their bedroom where those things really should remain anyway!

Reality television shows? Whose reality is this and what is the purpose for running such scenarios on the TV set anyway? Many will never understand that these programs are designed to “dumb down” the targeted viewer and have them “entertained” to the point of sedation where they will NEVER become a true mover and shaker in their very communities!

The docile, mentally trapped viewers of these shows might as well have a needle full of heroin  stuck in their arm because the mind numbing result is the same. Like a drug addiction, being exposed to such nonsense saps your spirit of its righteous motivations to change the world around you!

Many refuse to believe it is by design, but those who have been in the entertainment “industry” know “oh so well” that the game of culture creation and mass mind control is very much a fact of life!

I can remember when I worked doing security at the offices of(I believe the show is out of production now.) the cable television program “Crossing Over with John Edwards”, the aim of the show displayed the “so-called” abilities of Mr. Edwards who would speak to the deceased family members of the shows live audience.

I met Mr. Edwards briefly and in passing as a funny, strange and bizarre event transpired that would have most believing that there WAS something going on with him on a supernatural level (Ask me about it sometime! LOL!)

I was stationed at the front desk as a “receptionist” but was there because of the random and general threats to staff due to the nature of the show. These offices were not where the show was being shot but actually were where the producers developed the show, the nuts and bolts of everything concerning the program.

So by having such a close proximity to overhearing conversations about every minute detail of what would be broadcast taught me that absolutely NOTHING on television happens by chance!

Intense fiery debates would go on behind those closed doors over what sport jacket he might wear for a show taping or the manner in which he styled his hair at a promotional photo shoot.. They would adjust minor aspects of his appearance as to not insult certain sensitive groups that might be in town attending his show.

What I learned from just being in their presence taught me so much about how cunning and conniving the entertainment industry can be.

This exposure combined with my natural curiosity to learn the truth about how the things in this life really operate without the fluff and frills helped me to learn the shocking things that most are willingly blind to.

Entertainment is all commercial and we are the pawns! Most of the crap that we are served on television, movies and that poor excuse of annoying sound called music are only ways to condition your mind to be consumers for the same items we see over and over with no end in the videos and the big screen.

Do you think I’m full of it for saying the things I do? Well let me ask you, have you ever wondered why certain commercials would play on some television shows and not others? Do think it’s by chance? It’s not. It is well thought out and planned.

The companies who “sponsor” a television show, or a music concert or any commercial endeavor that will attract the attention of a large segment of society for that matter, are very shrewd in why they pick these particular venues to place the commercials to sell their product or offer their services.

Watch the Jerry Springer show, or even Maury Povich’s show, what kind of commercials do you see playing on these shows? Who are these commercials aimed at? What segment of society are they attempting to reach?

On these shows you see commercials making offers to attend trade schools and they stress in these commercials that getting financial aid is VERY easy to get so that you can attend. Why do they always speak on how easy it is to get financial aid? Well because THEY KNOW through surveys and extensive studies that the majority of people who are sitting at home watching Jerry Springer or Maury Povich at THAT time of the work week must either be poor, uneducated,  unemployed, or getting a welfare check!  Would they advertise in such a manner to the affluent segment of society?

These shows also often have commercials that tell you that you can receive “Cash $ Gold”, just mail in your scrap gold or broken pieces and they will send you top dollar for your offering! Imagine a crackhead up late at night seeing a commercial like that? SOMEBODY is going to get their chain snatched that very next day!


Now tell me the truth and let me ask you AGAIN: Would they advertise “Cash 4 Gold” in such a manner to the affluent segment of society?

Then you have these commercials that tell you what phone number to call when you get in an accident! The shrewd and slick Ghetto lawyers who know that most who watch those shows have not retained any legal counsel for their general protection but will only be looking for money when they slip and fall at the local mall on the first or the fifteenth! Would these lawyers advertise in such a manner to the affluent segment of society?

Another play on your mind is these commercials advertising to help your life out by calling a psychic! If one has a solid plan for their life, the motivation to go after it and the discipline to stick to it then WHY would you have to call some stranger who is taxing your pocket by the minute BIG TIME while trying to keep you on the phone line as long as they can so they can have a big laugh at your expense (Literally! LOL!) as they happily run down to the bank? Would they advertise in such a manner to the affluent segment of society who doesn’t have a need for false predictions because the have plenty of hope for the future? I can go on and on with this but I think that you get the point by now!

Now if you haven’t realized by the examples above by now, you can definitely tell who the targeted audience of a particular television program is by the commercials that are shown revealing who the sponsors truly are! Watch other programs as you play couch potato with the remote control in your hand and realize how well planned an assault that television is on your mind and actions!

I hope this rant of mine has opened your eyes if you haven’t already noticed these things already. I will soon share my observations on a continued basis as this subject to me is so very vast! I would like to speak about culture control next so do visit back within a day or two!

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