You Must Be Ready To Fight Satan Himself In Order To Keep The Peace Within Your Heart!

Some days you’ve got to come out swinging just to maintain your peace and joy.

Don’t you know that when you walk out of your door into the world that the job of every negative force in your proximity is to bring your spirits down?

Knowing this you have to “put on the whole armor” as they say and be willing to protect yourself at all times!

Many will speak on the subject of spiritual warfare as though it’s about as dangerous as a game of tag.

Nothing further from the truth could be conveyed as the ultimate goal of the negative entities is to have you DEAD!

War - Peace

But they do not merely want you physically dead – even though that in itself would be the knockout blow for them – but it’s mandatory that they bring you to a place of spiritual defeat before they take your life.

Satan receives no joy in killing you off while you still possess a positive warrior-like spirit who goes down and out fighting him.

No! He would rather have you alive and defeated where all of your motivation for life is drained and you remain an empty shell of yourself as a way of thumbing his nose at God!

I can the devil boasting to satan right now after sucking the enthusiasm for life out of you:

“You see? I got another one of your elite warriors to quit! They must no be all that and will never be the same again! So much for doing Gods work! LOL!”

This is how good satan feels when he takes away your life force and by the looks of things he is doing quite a job of it.

As I travel abroad throughout my day I see not only the obviously defeated souls who see no joy in life anymore, but also the individuals who possess the obvious trappings of success yet don’t enjoy themselves as they thought they would once they got them.

Work Stress - Peace

These are the people to whom the world gets shocked when they find out that they put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger.

These are the people that had the big homes, the luxury cars, endless wardrobes and bottomless bank accounts that most will think would bring happiness by the boatloads.

Sometimes when we put our faith in a material item believing it will bring us the inner peace that only God can bring that is actually the set up for defeat and the beginning of the end.

It’s funny, but it seems that the more I don’t even lust after the luxury item that most would die for is the easier it comes to me as I have never lived so well before in my life.

So I am not distracted and saying that my quality of life comes with the beautiful home that I live in, but it comes from that connectedness to God and constantly walking in the spirit that satan himself hates with a passion.

That’s where it’s at and that is what you must defend every time you walk outside of your home.

But be warned, when you have that impenetrable defense that prevents the outside forces from getting deep into the inner recesses of your spirit to defeat it, he will then try to bring confusion into the home to pull the rug from under your feet in order to kill your motivation from an unexpected angle.

Homeless- Peace

He will cause your children to do things that will not reflect the type of life that you desire to live in an attempt to defeat you through shame.

Don’t go for it!

Understand the strategy and learn how to cut yourself off from the actions of another knowing that it doesn’t represent you in any way whatsoever because we all must stand in judgment on our own and be accountable for what we do!

So parents, stop taking it to heart as though you are a failure because of the screw ups of your children.

Be there for them to guide them and teach them but if you allow their misjudgments to make you feel as though you have failed then the devil has won.

We all have our own individual battles in the overall scope of spiritual warfare and if satan can kill off your happiness from within and rob your joy he will do it by any means necessary.

So we have to be aware of the mental tricks that are constantly being played on our minds in order to leave us defeated and void of the happiness that the devil can never have.

Understand that satan hates you for what you possess when you walk in the spirit.

This is why he will work overtime and send you all types of seducing spirits that are the designated entities to bring hurt, pain, confusion and sorrow into your life until you simply give up!


So strategically if you want to maintain your happiness you have to have the mind of a righteous killer and be ready at all times to slay and behead any negative force that even LOOKS like it wants to come your way.

Now I didn’t mean that you must kill anyone literally, what I meant is that you have to have the ability to cut off anyone from getting close enough to you in order to plug themselves into your spirit in order to pollute it with negativity.

It’s called “keeping them out of range.”

In the sport of boxing this is a simple technique that keeps one from being in the punching range of their opponent, if the nemesis can’t get close enough to you to hit you, then they can do no damage whatsoever in order to knock you out.

So in life there will always be those instances where we have to deal with an individual who is hellbent on taking our happiness away as the covert agent of satan that they are, but that doesn’t mean that they can lay a hand on you to rob your joy because the covering and protection of your Heavenly Father will always keep you “out of their range!”

So you might not be able to avoid that negative person on your job who is always looking to give you a hard time because they are deathly afraid of the skills and talents that you possess.

Simply remain elusive of their tactics, smile and SHINE to the world what God has placed in you! The biggest victory in the various daily battles in spiritual warfare is when YOU KNOW who the satanic soldiers are who have been commissioned to bring you down.


So you NEVER let them know that you know who they are, playing dumb while remaining wise is the most effective weapon that you can use without actually engaging in the nasty fights that they hope to bring you down in.

I could go on and on with the many techniques that are used to rob you of your God given happiness, so keep your eyes wide open and make sure to keep it moving and stay connected always to THE ONE who will never leave you and always have your back!

The biggest victory is that when you physically return home after enduring those battles and attempts to bring you into a depression have been banished,is that you still can be glad that you have been given yet another day and can thank your Creator before you lay your head on the pillow to enjoy the peaceful slumber that always pisses the devil off beyond measure.

Stay connected. Keep praying and ALWAYS be bold enough to shine that light from within that God has blessed you with regardless!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother/Warrior,



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