Must Your Roof Be The Next One Ripped Off By A Tornado Before You Respect The Power Of The One True God?

My first thought that came to me as I was informed via CNN of the devastation that was caused in Joplin, Missouri from that massive twister was that our Creator is not playing anymore.

He is not playing anymore because He is tired of waiting for us to do what we were put here to do but instead have piddled away this gift of life on our own carnal cravings to the point where we feel it is our right to indulge in whatever transgressions that we please and get highly upset when anyone reminds us that there will be consequences for our actions.

It’s almost like the person who borrowed something from you for so long that they began to think that it belongs to them and get insulted when you ask for it back! This life is NOT ours to do what we want to do with it and we have laws that guide, protect and govern us in our journey through this life that we haven’t been heeding.

The sad thing is as far as I am concerned is that we are due for so much more tragedy to come our way. Am I saying this because I want it to happen or see the innocent fragile lives hurt or even lost? No! I am merely calling it like I see it and when the final bill is cosmically tallied up we will be in a sorry state of affairs if we don’t rectify our wayward rebellious actions on this planet!

You see, we have been led to be so infantile in our thinking. We just can’t think beyond the physical manifestations that have us blinded to the spirit world around us as well as the realization of the energies that are so real yet unseen in our midst that are actually even MORE real than the “insignificant on the larger scale” reality that you THINK you know!

We have failed severely to see our existence from a broader perspective and are actually operating under the mindset of a people with an extreme case of mental illness!

Yes! That goes for you, your coworkers, your neighbors as WELL as your family and come to think of it then I should consider myself a certified NUT too!

But the beautiful thing about my strange idiosyncrasies is that I know that I have them and am in the process of cleansing them away from my life and banishing them from my thinking. The problem stems from when you don’t realize that you are in dire need of help and immediate intervention.

But isn’t it something that we in the civilized world feel as though we have it all together yet we self medicate ourselves in record numbers and in record volume while we pretend that everything is alright?

If everything was truly alright we wouldn’t be so much in the state of imbalance that would put us in the mindset to have to indulge in the substances of escape. We sure tell on ourselves by doing this. Life as it is would suffice an bring is an overwhelming  joy as it should!

But it doesn’t because our mental, spiritual and physical filters are clogged with the “anti-fruits” of the spirit, which is the exact opposite of what we should be striving for in our personal lives. But the sad part of it all is how these clogging negative spirits sneak up in our psyche. We don’t even realize how evil we have become and don’t even see the need for the regular “cleansing of self.”

Trust me, if we all cleansed our minds, bodies and spirits with an undying sense of urgency as though our lives depended on it, the planet earth would immediately go through a cosmic “shift” and the feel of this world would be so much lighter!

The sunsets would be more intense and beautiful!

The ferocious animals of the wild would walk amongst us in unison and never look to bring us any harm.

Fruits, vegetables and all foliage would spring forth so bountifully and all traces of famine would be banished off of the face of the planet.

Tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis would still occur but would do so in a manner that would never harm a physical dwelling or touch any living being. We would be able to stand close by and praise God for such a glorious and powerful show of nature.

Locks on our doors would no longer be needed, thieves would be a thing of the past.

Police officers would never again have to carry guns, they wouldn’t even have to answer a call for a dispute ever again as they all would be on traffic duty.

Our military bases would be turned into amusement parks, their use would be obsolete in a world without war.

Currency would be useless, with a world that has so much giving going on, who needs that thing called money?

The many different religions would meld together and eventually melt away, why would we need the countless religions to worship the one true Heavenly Father?

Culture would still exist but only to add variety, diversity and depth to enrich our earthly experience.

Our clocks and timepieces would be rendered useless because they would all have frozen! The world would be timeless and no one would ever be late again just as we would never have to rush to do anything ever again.

Imagine that!

In such a world all aspirin companies would go out of business as well as all of the mental wards would be emptied from the divine healing of a perfectly balanced God centered society.

Families would once again be reunited and divorces would be unnecessary with God’s wisdom guiding the helm of everyone’s family ship.

God wants this for us and it is not He who damaged His perfect system but we as a collective are to blame for the malfunctions that were born out of our spiritual imbalances. It only takes one grain of a sinful thought to send a ripple effect throughout the entire planet. Round and round and round and round it goes, where it will stop nobody knows! One day it will be Joplin Missouri and another day it will be Tuscaloosa Alabama. One day it will be Japan and another time it will be Haiti…….

Why are we too stupid to see this?

Does that ripple have to touch us personally for us to understand what must be done?

Evidently we will continue on with our sinful ways until that ripple comes to visit us in our hometown to let us know that it is real and NOT something that only happens to someone else on the evening news before you change the channel to your favorite reality television show when you get tired of the tragedy.

The power of this entire universe is ours to harness but we in our foolish thinking have positioned ourselves on the wrong side of the equation which only sets us up to be on the receiving end of that same Almighty power in a very bad way.

Instead of having no choice but to pray for the present and future victims of the natural catastrophes AFTER the fact, why don’t we pray to God for the fortitude to strive actively to become that spotless example of unconditional love for ourselves, each other, our world and everything in it? Why is this so hard to do?

The benefits are so obvious yet we still get deceived into thinking otherwise.

The devil is a liar.

And judging by the looks of this world, we ALL have been duped by his falsehoods time and time again…….



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