My Advice To Naive Men On The Predatory Jezebels Of The World

First off, let me say that this blog article was NOT meant as a put down to all women as I love women and respect the sanctity of womanhood but as you all know I can be very blunt and somewhat raw when needed.

That being said, we all know that there are women who are not living up to their divine position in the world and utilize their womanly assets both physical and spiritual for their own advantage not caring about the broken men and emotional carnage left behind in such a cold hearted fashion. I call them Predatory Jezebels.

It is those to whom I am addressing in the following words in the form of advice that was asked of me to personally write on by a few gentleman this week that are all going through some things with the wrong choices that they made from their dealings with women.

Now that we have that understanding of where I’m coming from, let’s buckle up and get down to what was asked of me…….

Ready? Okay let’s GO!

Men, sometimes we can rush right into a relationship so wide eyed and bushy tailed not knowing that this new found Queen can be the source of all hell in our lives but because we tend to not dig deeper into her history or wait until the facade that she possesses fades away a bit if in fact it is a false covering.

We as men can sometimes feel as though the world revolves around us for the mere fact that when we are ready to seek out a stable long term relationship the world must stop the games that WE just finished perpetuating upon the world around us.

It doesn’t work this way gentleman as the world isn’t made to order for you because the same games that has been going on when you were out there will continue long after you’ve left that level of thinking as most have found out the hard way.

So while we may be ready for a change, if in fact we are, the first order of the day is that we have to get out of the same old dirty bath water if we hope to live a cleansed life outside of the places that we used to find those lust based “going nowhere quick” toxic unions that in retrospect ended up being nothing but a waste of time after the massive swapping of tainted bodily fluids.

Damn. That’s all it ever was. And I bet you now wish that you could get all of that wasted time back.


But you know what? Don’t feel ANY regrets because if you’ve had those terribly bad experiences with those foolish choices of sub par women, then chalk it up to experience and understand that you are a better man because of it and hopefully you won’t fall into those pitfalls of the heart ever again.

But let’s get to it…….

These “bad” women are shrewd predators who are out to get what they want at any cost. They can and will appear to you to be the best thing walking on the face of the earth and they are the best at seducing a man because they are in essence the walking talking earthly manifestation of a predatory seducing spirit.

They have a way of making YOU feel as though YOU were the one that choose THEM but these women merely laugh to themselves when they see that walk that you do with your chest pushed out with pride because you thought that you caught something good. Brothers, we can be so foolish at times and the very moment that we decide to think with the right head is the very time where the right visual of a sexy woman makes us go right back to our carnal hedonistic manner of thinking. Fools we are, when will we ever learn?

Sexy Black Woman Back Shot


Realize that when one of these wayward women come after you (Even though you might never realize that they choose you! LOL!), that it is for the concrete reason to elevate themselves with some type of gain. They may not push “the love thing” as you do after the icing on the cake is put on you in the form of some good wet warm freaky pussy and that (Just like IHOP) never empty cup of anytime/anywhere head, but they won’t stop your illusion by confessing that it’s really not about love at all. Could you imagine that while in your “love euphoria” how many times they’ve thought to themselves: “You go on and think this is about love if your want to fool!”

Understand that while you are thinking about a future with this woman, she already knows how many weeks or months at best that she will give you the time of day, her goal is to position herself for the next level and that next plateau most likely doesn’t include you. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but this is how you must think when you swim in the shark infested waters where the very thought of love is the blood that attracts them like a flame draws a moth.

These types have so many men that want to conquer them by trying to make them fall in love and promising them the world but they don’t want ever to be corralled off as some man’s wife of queen, they are too far gone into how vast the riches of the world are for them to ever think about settling down. They will ride along with the fantasies that YOU have in YOUR mind but when they see that it is coming to fruition then they know that it is time to move on to another ride in the amusement park of the goons who think they are men!

She feigns intimacy and closeness but she really knows nothing about those real human feelings and is merely waiting for her turn to suck you dry but NOT in the manner in which you’ve grown deliciously accustomed to. Believe that. In a sense she is attracted to men who are very emotional because since she is really an empty vessel it fascinates her. She really can never be close or attached to anyone for an extended period of time but she can convince the most discerning of men of her sincerity. A deadly skill to have indeed.

Most bad women will “hold on” to multiple men at a time. This doesn’t mean that they are intimate with them all at the same time but I wouldn’t rule that possibility out either. These women aren’t ever “caught out there” without and us men can’t ever figure out how they can always seem to land on their feet after dealing with an unexpected bad situation.

The reason is because they always have a roster of always eager men who will do for them in the hopes that this elusive fantasy of a she-devil will come their way one day and share that bliss that in their minds only she can provide. So whether it is to wire large sums of money to them in a different state with NO questions asked or to find themselves out in the wee hours somewhere far away to pick her up out in the middle of nowhere again with no questions asked they will do it! So do not think that these women are stupid and totally dependent on you because they will always have multiple ways out of a jam.

It’s merely the nature of the Jezebel woman to self preserve at all costs!


Us guys are so stupid at times. Heck. We are dummies ALL of the time for the most part when it comes to the prospects of a new “piece of ass” that looks so good from every angle. These women have us like a snake charmer has a snake, except the snake that she charms is that one between our legs that always supersedes all sense of logic. She licks her lips and we can literally feel it on our dicks. She purposely drops something to have an excuse to bend over and we can just imagine ourselves taking her from behind or on our knees with our faces happily between her bulbous gelatinous cheeks slurping down the juices from either tasty orifice while she manipulates us and turns us into a tool for her personal mission which for the most part is unknown and will probably remain that way.

……be careful gentleman because I have seen it all and for the most part when thinking of settling down you can NOT turn a Jezebel into a housewife.


Case closed.

Point blank.

Take it as truth or leave it alone and find out the hard way!

Now! What you need to do is change YOUR thinking and understand that your world is NOT going to change because YOU have proclaimed that you are ready to settle down. When a Jezebel woman sees a person like you who might proclaim this, they see you as easy prey because you still have your foot in the door of the world because you really haven’t allowed your desire to settle down saturate to the core. It takes time and it is not the type of thing to come over you because of a few words that you may have uttered out to the universe.

For you to truly attract that wonderful woman that you can build something worthwhile in life with, you have to shed the old you completely. Your old way of thinking must be banished and the old places where you spent your time must never be visited again. Those who knew you in your old life will attempt to tempt you HARD to keep you there once they sense your metamorphosis transpiring in their midst. They surely do not want to be reminded that time is running out and they are getting older so they will try to set you up with these wayward women that know the things that you loved and will zero in on your weaknesses to get you back there once again.


You can only tempt fate but for so long and remember, you don’t have as much time in this life to get it right as you may think! Most people who have passed on never knew that THAT was the day that they were leaving unless they had some type of illness that gave them the heads up that their life will soon come to a close. But other than that, no one ever said on the morning that they died “Well listen Brenda, since I’m going to die later on tonight, make sure for me that Billy gets the black couch and that Auntie Lisa gets the television, I’m dying at 10:38 p.m. so I hope I can catch the evening news before I croak!”

You never heard anyone speak like that and if they did know that they were going then trust me, the last thing on their minds would be where and who their possessions would be going to after they died!

So keep yourself “in the zone” of righteous living and you will begin to see into a totally different level of being that will cause you to come into contact with the good women out here in the world.

There are many good women out here if you cease to be about the games and bull crap. Trust me, only when our Creator sees that you are truly READY for that Queen to arrive in your life will you be granted with her but YOU have a whole lot of homework to do to be WORTHY of that woman! What do you think? You think it is as easy as merely asking?

You have to earn her my friend!


…….and a word to the wise, you ain’t going to keep that good woman if you bring your pain and venom baggage from the times you got burnt by that Jezebel woman. Leave that junk in the past where it belongs! This is why you need a period of time “out of the old life” to saute’ your soul in God’s presence and to purge your soul of all remnants of the old mindset to prepare your mind, body and soul for your Queen.

You see, when YOU as a man are right with yourself and your God, you are now divinely aligned in a manner that you won’t ever have to look for your Wife because she will come to you. She won’t have to approach you because God will place her in your path at the right time in the right place. But know you will never ever see the beautiful face of your one and only if you are not made new by a total submission of who you are to be as a man by God’s standards. If you want to hold on to the superficial “status” of this world then you will STAY in the dirty bath water of this world and face the consequences of it along with all of the other sinners who refuse to straighten up!

The choice is yours my Brothers, play the same old game until you are old and full of regrets or make the move away from these bad choices of lost predatory women to have Heaven on Earth forever more in a life and peace of mind that you never thought was possible!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Enjoys Heaven On Earth Every Damn Day Because I Left All That Carnal Crap Alone,





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