My Middle Of The Night Half Sleepy Random Aimless Rant:

After falling asleep on my couch in the guest living room to which I hardly venture, I woke up partially at approximately 3:30 a.m. in a happy daze to find that I left my computer on. After answering that very powerful call to nature, it then appeared to be beckoning for me to unload those nocturnally fresh thoughts that taste good only when freshly put down without hesitation, so I accepted my perceived challenge to sit here and act as though the computer was my “shrink” for the night. While my thought patterns race through my mind so very fast, try and overlook any areas that might not make any sense and attribute them to my need to go back to the world of slumber very soon thereafter.

Enjoy reading what I’ve typed in my half-sleep, here it goes……….

So much wasted energy, so little time.

So many forces coming at you when deep down inside you know where you want to go.

You know in actuality we all were put here to do something great and something relevant. It’s in our own foolish choices to not heed that inner voice of God that had beckoned us into our destiny as we refused to even consider it because of the other voices of doubt from the negative forces that have most of the time prevailed. Don’t you know that positive energy begets positive energy? The same goes for a negative vibe. Whichever side of the coin that you choose to roll with in this life, know that it will increase in intensity once you allow it to flow through you.

If you find yourself unfortunately riding the negative flow, you must put your foot down hard on the brakes before that flow increases. Understand that once a negative momentum hits your life and you actually go with it, you are summoning many more negative entities in your space and therefore allowing them to take control of the steering wheel that guides your precious life and in what direction that life goes.

It’s the same as a bunch of buzzards (vultures) feasting on a dead body until every ounce of rotten flesh has been consumed. Negativity will suck down your life forces to nothing and you will be unable to levitate toward your God ordained reality. This is the way that negativity thrives.

Notice how the vultures will scheme on the carcasses of the other animals. Circling and hovering and waiting for the most opportune time of calamity that is surely to happen before they swoop down to gain from another animals loss. Also notice how those very same vultures never attempt to devour each others flesh while they are alive. They don’t want each other, they want something else to consume. They don’t want each other because they are all the same.

This is how negative people can band together and appear to get along so well together. They are in line with their mutually destructive energies and benefit from a collective desire. They don’t go in on each other because there will be no satisfaction derived in the same intensity as it would when they go after the positive person that they see in you.

Have you ever felt that the reality that you are in now is not the reality that you should have been in? While your conscious mind will tell you that everything is good and that everything is cool. You might feel a strong pull into another direction that may seem at the time to others as being a very illogical consideration. You MUST heed your inner voice each and every time no matter what the world may say is better for you or not. It is YOU who must wear those shoes that you have chosen to purchase for the big dance and only YOU will feel the discomfort if they are a size too small because of a need to look good for others instead of feeling good from the inside out.

Everyday grants us a different set of crossroads to choose from, these simple decisions can and will take us to a different place than if we choose another road to venture down. The realities that we feel that we have missed are always there, it’s the same way that your destination doesn’t disappear when you miss the proper exit on the highway, there is still an alternate route back to that reality if you know how to get back there.

The problem that we cause in life is that we freak out when things take an unexpected turn and lose our cool head that we need to navigate ourselves back on course. As long as you possess the desire to always forge forward in a positive manner, things will always pan out in the end.

Just enjoy the ride.

How many times in this life have you thought to yourself that you may have “missed the right exit” only to find that there is a beautiful neighborhood that you wouldn’t have normally ventured into or that restaurant that has eventually become you favorite place to eat? So understand that there are no wrong turns in life when you learn how to make the best of where you are…….

I am at the sensitive point in this life where I avoid all negative based people by all means. If I see or feel that they are reaching out to me as a cry for help I will aid them in their desire to cross over. But if I sense a booby trap, they will not garner any more attention from me.

You see, the time thus far spent on this earth has taught me so much. Right now I am to create and express from the hip and not worry about who may understand me at this point. This would be like trying to convince a kindergarten student that a college manual on advanced calculus makes sense when in fact that brilliant youngster at that point doesn’t have the faculties to understand that in fact it does make sense until they graduate to that level themselves. I am not saying that I am more advanced than anyone here but what I will say is that I am hearing MY inner voice more than ever than I have before in any point in my life and I have to heed its call.

I can’t waste the limited time trying to convince everyone of this powerful thing that I am feeling and therefore waste the time trying to convince some petty naysayers. For they are the vultures who would feast on my carcass if given the chance so in essence they do not count. More and more with each passing year of my life, I am feeling an increased sense of urgency to express myself in a very honest manner no matter who doesn’t approve of it. It is not being defiant, it’s just that the longer I live is the more I can see and I wish to save someone else a few extra steps in this life because of the illusions and lies that are perpetrated so well to cause us to lose precious time unraveling the falsehoods.

I just want to thank everyone who enjoys my expressions and who takes the time to visit me here on my blog. My goal is to bring you the most honest expressions on the internet as well as making you feel as though that I am real and that not everything is false, airbrushed, photoshopped and in possession of a secret agenda.

Thank you for listening to my non directional rant and I will have something more to share this time tomorrow.

God bless you always,

(Now I will return to the deepest sleep and since you’ve read this blog in its entirety, I must send you a check in the mail for acting as my silent psychoanalyst for the night! Thank you very much!)

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