My Weekly Rant: Never Allow Anyone To Define Your Reality By The Narrow Constraints Of Their Own Low Standards!

The best way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can’t do something! I once had a manager on a job once tell me that I could NEVER move to Florida if I didn’t continue to perform in a satisfactory manner to keep the job in order to get the transfer that I had to wait for THEM to give to me!


How pompous can a company be?

Now at this particular time of my life I have to say that I was really trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I wasn’t stupid you see but I was actually going against my will and guts to attain a level of being average just like the other defeated individuals that were in my midst.

But I must give credit where credit is due. Everyone wasn’t a defeated person, there were two or three who began to see the light with me…….

But back to what I said before which didn’t make sense to me when I really thought about it at the time, and that was to “attain” a level of being average!


How does one attain a level of being average when it takes absolutely NO effort to BE average?

That’s just it. It doesn’t. And let me tell you straight up in your face that for you to settle for “attaining” a level of being average is an insult to the very God that you claim to serve!

He gave you power and dominion to subdue and conquer the earth and you walk around like a defeated punk scared of what some boss might do to you if you piss him off.

Is getting fired the worst thing that can happen to you? Trust me, it would be the best thing that can happen because it will push you into your destiny faster! Why is it that we feel that if we trade our time for money that it’s a great deal? Why can’t I make BIG MONEY all the time whenever I want? Why can’t I be the one in position to command tens of thousands in a single transaction if not millions?

While speaking to a friend earlier we touched on the fact that aside from the “no-win” situation of being a job slave, there is another
type of legitimate underground economy that is not metered off into how much you can make from an employer per hour.

It’s all about being in position to call the shots and having the leverage to make it happen. The financial leverage to be exact. But while many of us CAN take the time to PUT ourselves in that position to take our guaranteed shot at financial freedom and living job free forevermore, the fact of the matter is that we are frightened to death of living free of your slave master and are too caught up in living as a consumer!

I’ve said this TOO many times before on this blog but maybe you’ve missed it, but when you look at how much money YOU are paid to do your job, have you ever thought about how your boss or company is getting paid for YOUR efforts? Hmmmmm! Makes you think now doesn’t it?

This is why we need to unearth the hidden talents and abilities that dwell deeply within us and in great abundance to serve ourselves and the world around us!

But many of us need to feel the fire under our ass for a time in our life in order to absorb this divine realization and undisputed truth!

The sad part is that so many settle for grinning and bearing it than to step out of the box or out of the Matrix in order for you to discover what your boss is deathly afraid that you will find out!

You know what that is?

It’s that you don’t need him!

That’s right! I’ll say it again! It’s that you don’t need him! And let me tell you something right now…….when he calls you into the
office to let you know of the “bad news” that you are getting “let go” or “fired”, look deep into his or her eyes while they search YOUR eyes for the pain that they feel is surely to grip and paralyze every fiber of your being momentarily and let them know that it is not YOU who are been fired from THEIR company or position, it is the fact that YOU are being fired from the mindset and curse of normalcy.

You see, the sensation of being “fired” is the water that will ignite the seed of motivation from within to achieve singularly what others feel that they need the “middle-man” of a boss to provide! Because that is all his job and his company are, a middle-man! The middle-man between you and the great riches that have always awaited you but you were too blind to see. The middle-man who has “eclipsed” your daily enthusiasm like the moon does the sun when a lunar eclipse happens, while you are there in THEIR job position, you won’t ever feel the joy of manifesting what is lurking righteously inside of you!

I see people everyday faking the joy on the outside but dreading everyday that God awakens them because they can pretty much tell you how their day is going to go. They will tell you down to the exact penny how much they are going to make. No job ever calls you up to ask if you can work a deal that will pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars but yet we feel as though we are getting somewhere when we can trade off more time for money on a job that will tax heavily what little extra you earned anyway! What a scam!

I can hear many of you saying “Well Scurv, you sure talk a lot of smack but I see you driving that bus everyday just like everyone else!” And to that I say just watch me, watch what I do, and how I do it as it happens. That’s all I’m saying at this point but one thing is for sure you MUST know that my drive and passion to do what I do did not come from a damn job. I can never trade off my personal attributes just to fit in with an attitude of normalcy……Why? Because I am not made to be normal! You aren’t either but you just don’t know it and the system that you have served so diligently doesn’t want you to know it either.

Don’t you know that regardless as to WHAT they say, jobs do not want you to be an individual at all. They want their “people” to be “sheeple”, just part of the herd that follows along the path that they are herded to walk along asking no questions and causing no problems. If you seem to be one who is charismatic enough to inspire a few sheeple to know that they too are people, you WILL quickly get reprimanded or fired on the spot. You see, you can’t mess up the hustle that the boss has in his herd. He has basically become your slave-master but in a sense this is even worse than early traditional slavery in the fact that the early slaves weren’t as beat down or as easy to deal with! The ones who knew freedom would rather die fighting for it back than to languish in captivity! Only after a few generations of brainwashing, beat downs and a total breaking down of the human spirit were they able to be controlled. In fact, many of the descendants of slaves still have the programming intact inside of them and will SEEK out someone who can control them because they don’t have enough confidence in themselves to run their own ship. How sad. I’m sorry but that “ain’t” me baby. Never.

How can “claim” to house a victorious spirit when you lack the confidence to move forward on your own into your destiny? When you are running your own ship, you just can’t WAIT to get out there and make things happen because the more you do is the more you get! Not only that, but you build up the pride that can only come from an individual accomplishment and not the one size fits all collective washing away of your individual talents that were made to be showcased to the world and not treated as a curse as they do on these jobs.

What many people do not understand is the fact that the old employment model is outdated and can never work again in today’s ever evolving economy. It is still around but it is comparable to the old cassette tapes that we all used to listen to back in the 1970’s. Now we all know what happened when the Compact Disc came along, it didn’t take long for the cassette to die but back in those days we thought it would last forever. How wrong and delusional we were! Do you still have any of your cassettes now? Okay, I thought so.

So stop beating down the same door that has nothing behind it for you, look to blaze a new trail in your life and at the least jump start your new blessed existence by creating and following new rhythms. It’s only when you dare to pull back the layers of illusion that have blinded you to the glorious new day that has been given to all of us. Don’t miss this unique once in a lifetime opportunity that is the gift of TODAY!

Never allow anyone to define your reality by the narrow constraints of their own low standards!

Since God is vast and you were made in His own image, what do you think this means for YOU? I know what it means for me, it means that I am guaranteed to see my destiny and the only reason why I won’t be able to see it is because I’ve allowed something else to seep into my mind and take over my mind like a well trained hijacker who moves the original pilot away out of the cockpit at gunpoint. That hijacker will take the plane and all of it’s passengers somewhere else to another destination that was not intended!

So here you are now shaking your ass at the club trying to get a no good man to take care of you and you have a greatness inside of you that satans world has distracted you from ever knowing! This is sin! So here is another who staggers the street as a drunk but if he didn’t allow his buddies to enable him with liquor as a young man years ago after he broke up with his high school sweetheart, instead of being a drunken bum he would have realize his brilliance in finding the cure for cancer! But we will never know this! Do you see where I am getting at? It only takes one wrong turn, one bad experience that we let defeat us or enough negative people in our midst to convince us that a life of normalcy and being average is what we should settle for when in actuality the sky is the limit.

Imagine if I allowed that supervisor many years ago to defeat my spirit with his pompous statement in the first paragraph of this blog? Not only did I make it to Florida, I am living my life exactly as i wish to live it and have discovered the hidden talents within me that has touched many millions across our planet and I didn’t have to “normalize” myself to do it. I wake up to each new day with even more enthusiasm than the day before and have a sense of adventure with every step because I know that every minute is a crossroad into a new gift. Banish the “run of the mill” illusion and start living the limitless dream!

If God made you in His image and created the earth, the heavens and the stars, what is the HELL are you begging some jerk for a raise for? YOU ARE YOUR RAISE!


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