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While watching the Nancy Grace show in the wee hours this morning, I was very much insulted as she interviewed someone close to the family of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18 year old who was murdered by Police Officer Darren Wilson.

I’m not sure if the gentleman that she interviewed was a family member or friend, because I began to listen several moments after the dialogue began.

But what took me by surprise was how Nancy Grace jumped all over this man verbally as he spoke on Michael Brown’s “home going” because she wanted to stress the fact that Michael was dead.

How dare she insult this Brother’s belief system like that! Who is she to be so arrogant and empowered to do such a thing?

As you will hear in the thoughts I shared in this recording, this situation clearly shows how any semblance of a “Black Afrikan/Motherland/Original spiritual belief system is not acceptable for the masses to absorb especially on the airwaves of the oppressor’s media outlets.

Rhetoric - Nancy Grace

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