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Natural Hair.

Why is it that the term “Natural Hair” alone brings so much emotion to the forefront of a community?

Why should we even have the term “Natural Hair” which in actuality reveals that most sport as unnatural hair.

But if one were to mention this to an individual who dyes their locks, straightens them, heats them up and then douses them with all types of substances as though their hair was in a burn unit, you might get a few unkind words thrown your way.

So most of us understand this common argument that brews under the surface of the Black hair industry.

Natural Hair Movement

But in many recent findings we have discovered that even within the natural hair movement their is a separation somewhat of what many feel are the ideals that personify and represent it.


Well let me get straight to the point.

There is a great divide within the natural hair movement that is beyond disgusting and baffles the mind over and above any measure.

The problem that seems to be ever growing and brewing as we speak is that many women in the Natural Hair Movement seem to want to through shade at anyone who is also in the movement who has hair that is curly and not kinky.

Is this immature or what?

Natural Hair Movement 2

Here we expect to see a special breed of enlightened woman, who has embraced her natural beauty and has broken the shackles that society has placed on many to turn around and feel so negatively toward another who is supposed to be on the same team!

…….and JUST when I thought many of our Sisters were making progress this type of backward thinking rears its ugly head.

Is this the reason that it seems that only Black women call their trip to the hair salon “The Beauty Salon?” Why is it that I don’t hear other races refer to it in this manner? Does this indicate that many Black women do not feel as though their natural state is anything BUT beautiful?

We have got to understand that God made Black women and ALL women with their own special brand of beauty. Now since we are focusing on hair and I would believe that it’s not a stretch to say that Black women are the majority of who are going natural, I must ask what is at the root of such thinking.

Natural Hair Movement 14

If going natural means preparing ones hair in various styles with the complete absence of the dangerous toxic artificial chemicals used to alter the hair follicle,why is it an issue when some of our sisters have natural hair that is not super curly or in other words kinky?

This to me shows that these disgruntled Sisters are still caught up and shackled by their former hangups and are not truly free from the scars placed on their souls living in the superficial society of the United States.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all who embrace themselves as they are is the most attractive thing a man can see.

I want to hear from the men on this issue as well as the women who may have differing opinions.

Should non-kinky haired women be banned from the Natural Hair Movement?

Natural Hair Movement 5

Is the typing or categorizing of Natural Hair discriminatory and really what purpose does it have if we are truly celebrating loving ourselves as we are?

How many believe that there is a spiritual element to wearing our hair natural?

How many who wear their hair naturally feel different than when they had the burden of putting chemicals in their hair, spending lots of money to keep it that way as well as the styles that limited ones activity to living a free and spontaneous life?

There are countless women who wear chemically relaxed hair who won’t swim and/or are terrified of the rain hitting it. Why is that?

Natural Hair Movement 11

Unlike others who are addicted to the chemical look, women who wear their hair naturally don’t fear going to the gym because getting sweaty won’t change what God has blessed them with in yet another natural hair lifestyle advantage.

But we want to also hear how the ladies feel about themselves and their hair since going natural. How do your friends, associates and peers treat you?

How has it affected your relationships around you and do you notice that only certain types of men approach you as opposed to your chemical days?

Whether we know it or not, the Natural Hair Movement has stirred up quite an amount of questions that we ourselves must honestly ask about what lurks deep within our souls.

Natural Hair Movement 4

If the Natural Hair Movement is to remain clean and pure, we need to dialogue about these issues and so much more and this program is a healthy way to continue our journey to self acceptance of who we are and not allowing society to dictate how we see ourselves on the scale of beauty!

Don’t miss this compelling and in-depth dialogue and EVERYONE is encouraged to participate and add something to the show.

Time: Friday July 18, 2014 @ 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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