We Need Full Control Over Our Own Powerful Black Media Images! – The LanceScurv Show

Today we share an update on the recent YouTube censorship of LanceScurv’s channel and the countermoves that he is making on a multitude of social media platforms other than YouTube in order to offset any future “violations” that they seek to levy on him to stop him from continuing to speak his mind.

Here is the audio version of the video message that YouTube removed because of what they said was inappropriate content:

Also, Mrs. Scurv and Lance speak on the importance of culture and why it is so important for us to restore and maintain our unique cultural practices as well as controlling our very powerful media images that go out to every corner of the planet to formulate how others feel about us. When someone else who has traditionally controlled our imagery in such a negative manner all of a sudden wants to “help” us with a that movie that appears to be a great thing on the surface, one has to seriously investigate the true agenda and reasoning for this for the long term purpose.

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